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Work from home mama

After going off maternity leave and trying to decide what was the best option for my family. Through family discussions I decided to stay home for an extra couple of months helping with my husbands business. And through those months I wanted to share some great strategies that helped tips I have found that have helped with being a work from home mama.

1. The number one thing that worked was to always wake up before everyone. So I could get my things together before everyone else wakes up and needs my full attention.

2. The next would have to be get my myself dressed and eat first. Once I am dressed and eat I always felt ready for the day. The worst thing to do is to stay in your pajamas day, that only lead me to not want to do anything. Honestly it's one of those things, if I looked ready I eventually felt ready to get the day going.

3. Make sure you create a schedule and stick. I got this great pink planner from chapters the other day. I got some fancy pens, highlights and stickers, this actually got me to sit down and write out the important things that needed to be done. Making a schedule and coordinating the times with my husband so we are all on the same page.

4. Next went hand in hand with the planner. Each day I wrote a list of tasks that needed to be done and jotted them down from the most important to the least.

5. Since my little guy is 2 years old, he currently still needs a nap (at least an hour and half), so I maximize my time during this part of the day. He always naps around the same time everyday, so if I need to have a conference call or meeting I would schedule during his nap times.

6. And if you really need to get something done and just cannot depending on your child's temperament of that day, try looking for a mother's helper in your neighbourhood or a mama friend that lives in your neighbourhood that can help you for an hour or so.

7. I always keep workplace/space clean and clutter free. I wouldn't be able to work if there was a mess around me, it literally distracted me; so creating a clean space allowed me to work on the important task at hand.

8. Now set a timer seriously helps, especially if your slow to start doing something, setting a timer and knowing you have an hour to do it will put your butt into gear. Literally go on your phone start your timer and start doing your work. Like if I had a paper due, I would sit down with all the things I needed on my work desk and start the timer and go.

9. Lastly, it would have to be lots of coffee, especially for moms who aren't getting that full nights of rest due to a sick baby, insomnia, etc; coffee will be your best friend to get through the day.

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