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Ride or Die Mama items

After two kids, I wanted to share some lifesaving items that have really helped with two kids. It was really hard, but I narrowed it down to my top 7 items that I just couldn't live without.

1. First one has to be the Uppa baby vista, it has been through two kiddos and it still has no signs of wearing out on me anytime soon. This stroller can hold up to 3 kids, so it's definitely a keeper. I used this stroller for a little over 5 years and I have switched out the seat lining and some other items and it's good as new. If you like to see the review on this stroller, please look a few posts back for all the details.

2. This baby item has been my favourite, the ERGO original baby carrier in black has been mly top ride or die baby product. Because my little guy had colic from day one, he had a lot of gassy problems and not sleeping very well. So if I needed to do housework and needed my hands free, this carrier came in handy. And especially to loose some of that baby weight we used the carrier for long walks a lot. Also please keep in mind, you would need an infant insert in this specific carrier.

3. The crib has been definitely used and loved. We have this great convertible baby crib that we used for both kids, so not only has this crib been well used with two kiddos, it has so much sentimental value being that both babies have used this crib. And both of my kids didn't like sleeping in the bassinet, so the bassinet didn't make it into this list.

4. As you know my little guy had colic and didn't sleep very so this homedics white noise machine was a must. Even now little man is 2 years old, we still use and he cannot go to sleep nor stay asleep without this amazing gadget on. We took this machine everywhere with us and it's great because you have the option to use it with batteries or plug it in.

4. Ofourse this diaper bag is included in this list, although I got a while ago and didn't use it from the beginning, it has quickly become my favourite diaper bag. And a bonus is that your hands free to chase after the kiddos and it also doesn't look like a diaper bag which also great. This bag has so many compartments and it's also wipeable, so if you get any little marks or spills, it's easily cleaned.

5. This mamaroo is really great as well, it actually moves like as if baby is being swayed by someone, which is probably why baby sleeps so well on it. I will definitely be getting be using this swing for the next baby.

6. This hydrasense baby nasal aspirator has been the best item I bought. I have used this aspirator for both babies (not the same one) and it was so great at clearing the babies noses.

7. Lastly, but not the least, swaddle blankets have been a ride or die product. I used it for everything, nursing cover, sun shade, burping cloth, etc. It truly is a versatile baby product that you'll use for years. And after each wash the blanket gets even softer.

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