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Back to School Essentials (Elementary Edition)

I cannot believe how quickly this summer has gone by and school is starting in just a few weeks. I will be sharing some great back to school essentials that will endure the school year.

The first on this list would have to be backpacks that will endure those little hands pulling/grabbing at the bag without it ripping half way through the school year. Believe me I have tried lots and sure enough somehow my little girls backpack either rips at the straps or something else starts to gets torn.

Below is a great backpack and it comes in so many colours. The straps are thick and stitched really well on the backpack. Also this bag can go for any age, if your kiddo is younger you can make it into a fun project and get cool patches or fabric markers and they can make cool designs on it and bonus this bag is on sale on Amazon for $10 right now.

The next backpack is pretty durable as well and it's a classic. This other version is really durable and is a mid range price at $44. The last one I promise is pretty darn adorable and the name of this bag suits it as well the mini HALF pint. All of the Jansport backpacks come in so many ifferent styles, colours, and at great affordable prices. Below are some of my favourites.

And for all those disney and superhero lovers, here are some great options for them. And these particular backpack come at a really great deal, just in the middle of price range bracket.

When looking for a backpack, find ones that have the extra hem double stitching (this ensures the backpack will less of a chance of tearing). Also go for the backpacks that have the thicker fabric, not ones with the plastic overlays on some of those disney/characters on the front of the backpacks, those don't hold well and will tear, trust me I know my daughter went through two of those backpacks in one year. Also when your in the store make sure to test out the zippers to make they're smooth and easy for your kiddo to open and close. Lastly, make sure the backpack has features you need like lots of pockets and bottle compartments.

The next essential would be lunch boxes. Below are some great options either your want to bento style lunch boxes or soups in a thermos.

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