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Post Partum Acne

Ever since having my second baby I have been struggling with post-partum acne. Although it's been two years since having the little guy, my hormones and skin haven't gone back to normal (my pregnancy). And especially with breastfeeding I was looking for the most organic or natural things to use so not to interfere with baby. I have tried so many and I think I have found the right skincare routine for me. I started using the Burt's bees skincare line that's specifically for acne and within days my pimples were drying out and the new ones were going away.

The major thing that worked for me in the line is the anti blemish daily moisturizing lotion (it has all naturalsalicylic acid made from willow bark) within days my acne was diminished and the new ones were going away. Also the anti blemish spot treatment worked wonders, but keep in mind it's quite drying so only use it at night (once a day).

The cleansing oil is really hydrating, I use the oil cleanser because the anti-blemish lotion and spot treatment are so drying the oily cleanser combats the dryness. And lastly I use the radiance night cream to help keep my skin hydrated and dewy. This night cream truly lives up to the name your skin is glowy and radiates from within. Besides these particular burt's bees products I use the new St. Ives all natural (paraben/fragrant free) anti-blemish face scrub. And a little trick I learned from my facialist suggested that I scrub my face first and then cleanse my skin, it helps the cleanser absorb and work better to clean your skin, this tip did wonders for my skin, works really well.

Burt's bees has such a great affordable line that is also all natural which is really hard to find at the drugstore. But if you wanted to venture off into higher end lines of all natural skin care products you should really try Derma E products, Juice Beauty and my other favourite SIBU.

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