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DIY Chalk Paint

Prep time: 10 minutes

Yields: 2 cups


- 1/3 cup of calcium carbonate (ground lime stone)

- 2 cups of Paint (colour of your choice)

- Mason Jars (depending how many colours of chalk paint your making)

- 2 tbsp of water

Source: DIY with Rick


1. Mix the 2 cups of paint and 1/3 cup of calcium carbonate in a mason jar (because you can store it in the mason jar once your done your first project).

Side note: If you feel more comfortable mix all the ingredients into plastic containers and then pour the combined mixture into a mason jar or any jar that has a lid to store.

2. Once done mixing the ingredients, you can chalk paint everything till your hearts content.

3. Make sure to let the chalk paint dry for 24 hours before you write on top the chalk paint.

Side note: I found using the chalk pen worked best for clean lines if your using it for labeling things. But my kiddos used just the regular jumbo chalk and it worked just fine.

#DIY #momlife

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