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Easier Mornings (Back to school)

I wanted to continue this back to school series with some great tips for a smooth morning routine. Now that it's my second year of doing back to school with my little girl these strategies have really helped in the morning routine to get us out the door with ease.

1. Become a pro at pack lunches

If you have time the night before while your making dinner, it would be a great time to prepare the kiddos lunches for the next day. If you do choose to pack lunches the night before like cutting up fruits/veggies and packing the thermos, but if your making a sandwich it would be best to pack it in the morning while your making breakfast so the bread doesn't get soggy. But a great make ahead sandwich like peanut butter and jam (or you can sub with almond/pea butter in case of allergies) can be freezed the night before and placed into the lunch bag in the morning, by the time lunch comes around the sandwich will be nicely thawed and it has also kept the fruit/veggies cooled as it thawed.

2. Be efficient getting dressed

The major factor of helping things flow faster/better in the morning is having my own clothes laid out and ready to go in the morning so I don't have to go looking around for something to wear. Also have the kiddos clothes picked out and if you have an older child, let them be the one to pick out their own clothes and have it laid out; not only will this make the whole morning routine faster and without fights because they chose their own outfits, they'll also feel proud that they chose the clothes out themselves.

3. Check Schedule

On Sunday night, I always check my schedule for the week coming up and make sure it's in sync with my husbands calendar so we both know drop off times, pick up and if there are any extra curricular programs the kids are in for us to be prepared for. This will help us both in figuring out times and take away the chaos.

4. Ample time for jackets an shoes

If you know the car ride takes 20 minutes don't forget to put into account how long it'll take for the kids to get their jackets, shoes and backpacks on to get out the door, so make sure to allot time for that part as well. So if it takes 20 minutes for the car ride and 10 minutes for the putting on of outdoor gear allot 40 minutes to the whole process so you give yourself some leeway for a last minute bathroom break. If your forgettful, put up a white board by the front door with a check list of important things that you need before leaving the house like keys, wallet, phone, a permission form, etc so you don't leave anything at home.

5. Creating a dump zone

This means a designated area that shoes, coats and backpacks live. They hang up their own coats, shoes and bags in this area and these items do not leave this zone. It'll save you the trouble of having to look for coats or bags in the morning dash to school.

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