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5 things to look for when shopping post-partum

1. First tip is to look for bottoms that have lots of stretch because even after you loose the baby weight, you can still rock those amazing pants because of all the stretch it'll still mold to your body. Another awesome tip, look for pants with elastic waist bands, so they don't dig into your stomach especially after having baby, you want the stomach area to be comfy. Especially now with joggers, jeggings, pajama type bottoms and leggings are trendy you can rock it for a while. When it comes down to it remember to find something that is comfortable, especially after having a baby whether naturally or c-section, you want something that's going to make you feel at ease, not constricted.

2. Next tip would have to be if the tops your wearing is going to nursing or exclusively pumping mamas compatible. And the most amazing thing about the tops below are that they can be worn, before, during and after pregnancy. These tops look like regular tops, but they have secret compartments for you to lift up to feed baby. I have the dotted and stripped shirt below and even though my little guy is a toddler now and has weaned long ago I still wear these tops all the time because they're so comfortable and don't look like maternity/nursing tops at all.

3. Button up tops are a no brainer for post-partum moms. First of all, they're easy access again for nursing or exclusively pumping mamas and you can wear them well beyond baby. Also these tops below are at a lower price point if you don't really want to splurge on the tops I listed above. And another tip, when buying tops post-partum look at the fabric, does it stretch, is it breathable if you just had baby around the spring summer months and the third shirt option is great because although it's not a nursing/maternity shirt, this tunic as buttons that still go low enough to nurse baby.

4.Shapewear underware is definitely another great option for post partum. What's great is that you don't have to purchase the belly bandit which can be bulky under clothes. With these amazing shapewear underwear, they suck you in and hold in the belly area to help with your belly to slim down quicker and you don't have any of the added bulkiness. Also if you take a look at the black underwear below, it's adjustable so as you loose the baby weight you can adjust the underwear tighter.

5. Lastly, I couldn't forget to include comfy shoes in this list. What you want to stay away from is ballet flats, because those tend to be narrow and after having a baby your feet and body will be quite swollen, so you want to stay away from shoes that don't have any stretch. With the shoes below they're all really light and stretchy material that will let your feet breath. Another tip is don't be afraid to look in the men's department for sneakers, like the last pair below on the list it's actually a men's pair that I sugested because men's shoes always come in wide sizes which will be great for your swollen feet after having baby.

Below I wanted to share some shots of how I looked right after and a while after having baby of how much your face and body can change. After having a baby your hormones are all out of wack, all the water weight from the meds from the hospital and baby weight takes a toll on your body. So remember give yourself some time to adjust before you start buying a tonne of new clothes after having baby, but hopefully the tips above will help in navigating the post-partum clothing shopping.

Above is a picture of me when I had my little girl. The picture on the left is about 5 months after I had baby girl and my face is still pretty swollen whereas the picture on the right about a year after I had baby girl I started to slim down.

Now the second time around it took a lot longer to loose the baby weight. As you can see in the picture on the left, again my face is still so swollen after about 8 months. And finally in the picture on the right after about 18 months I started to feel and look like myself again.

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