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What to look for with diaper bags

Ever since I was pregnant with my little girl, I became obsessed with diaper bags. I found some great diaper bags that you should take a look at. All the diaper bags have different styles, durable and don't look like diaper bags at all.

Skip hop has so many great options. They literally have styles for every mama. Just keep in mind when your purchasing your diaper bag that it suits for style, don't just buy it because all the other moms have it, but buy that bag because you know you love it and will use for a long time. I also own the black backpack above. I have this particular diaper bag because I found myself needing my hands free, now that my little guy has kind of outgrown wanting to be in a stroller and we are walking around with him sans stroller I definitely need my hands free to chase this little guy around. The chevron diaper bag above is smaller, so if your a smart packer and don't carry a whole lot around with you this diaper bag is perfect for you. The black crossbody diaper bag is great because if you notice from the picture above, there's a zipper running in the middle of the bag because you have the option to open or close it up and the bag actually expands more once the zipper opens up, which is great if you end up going shopping and need some more space in your bag you can open it up and throw a tonne more stuff inside.

This OiOi company's diaper bags are so durable. As they usually come with a bottle holder, wipes case and diaper changing pad; seriously that's a bunch of great stuff that you'd need for a diaper that comes with the bag. The lamb leather hobo crossbody is small and compact and the beautiful pink accessories that come with it are so fun. The stone coloured bag is one of my favourites and it if you can't see from the picture it actually has faux lizzard effect on the bag and it has so many zippered compartments for all you organizing loving mamas. Lastly the tan leather bag feels so buttery soft and also comes with the extra accessories and many zippered pockets. And if you go now the whole OiOi site is having a huge sale.

Another great diaper bag company would have to be pacapod, they truly have so many options if your looking for a luxurious diaper bag or a more affordable price point this company has it all. And seriously look at the couple options above, they don't look like a diaper bag at all.

Remember these tips:

1. Make sure it suits your style and don't follow the latest trends, go with the classic styles that will last through the seasons.

2. Functionality is key, does it have different handle options, pockets, lots of compartments, changing mat is thicker to keep baby comfy and has zippers/magnet closures instead of velcro.

3. Make sure you read the label before you buy, is it wipeable material, leather (so you know how to care for it), is it water resistant and is the bag heavy; because chances are if its heavy in the store without all your baby gear, don't buy it'll hurt having to carry a heavy diaper bag around. Also consider if the bag comes with built in or provided stroller clips so you don't have to also purchase stroller clips.

4. When it comes to the price of the handbag, think is it worth the price, if your second guessing it means you don't really want it. If the bag is a little bit on the pricier range, check if it comes with accessories like the LASSIG or OiOi brand, both these brands come with bottle warmer pouches, wipes containers, etc; these things you need to consider when purchasing that more expensive diaper bag.

5. Also remember the weather you live in, if it rains a lot, it may be a better idea not to buy that beautiful leather diaper bag and go with something like nylon. Same goes for hot climates, does that bag really suit the weather or will it go badly after a season of use.

I also wanted to share some great diaper bag accessories to help with organization.Having a wet bag is always a great idea for soiled clothes, a pacifier pod, an extra changing pad kit and a bottle warmer are great additions to any diaper bag.

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