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Alternatives to a double stroller

When I was pregnant with baby number one, I immediately started looking/researching for stroller and I also looked at the options if the strollers could convert to a double stroller because I knew we wanted more babies in the future. After lots of research I had narrowed it down to a handful. I knew I didn't wanted the typical large double stroller (you knew the two seats next to eachother) and I wanted to be able to fit through doors so that helped with narrowing down my list. Not only that I have so much anxiety about driving that I knew the double stroller had to be public transit friendly (and to be able to fit through the train/bus doors). Through lots of research and reading lots of reviews I ended up getting the Uppababy stroller because it could be converted into a double stroller, I could also had on the piggy back board (if I didn't want to have the second) seat, so this stroller was for me. Bonus was it didn't look like a double stroller and it could fit through any door.

Fast forward a couple of years and my uppababy is still going strong. And now there are even more options to choose from when looking for a double stroller. I was able to compile a great list below of options that are great alternatives to the typical double strollers. Through my research I found this great stroller that can hold up 150 pounds, easily folds down, transforms into 30 configuartions and as a sleek look (it has faux leather handle bars, black denim seats with black frame or navy denim with silver frame) and a european name- Austlen Entourage. But the only catch is it's only available for pre-order and launching at the end of the year. So it may be a good idea to order it now because I have a feeling this stroller is going to sell out fast. This stroller is really simple to use with a touch of a button the frame expands forwards and backwards and when your changing around the seat to forward/backward face, little babe doesn't need to come in order for you to switch the seat around.

As you can see from the picture above this stroller has so many seating options, it could be used as a double, or a single with lots of room for storage, like for example going through the airport and storing the suitcases or carry on bags while your wheeling through to check in and look at how compactly the stroller folds down. And for the finale the price tag isn't so bad either only $849 which is a lot cheaper to most higher end strollers, like the stokke (or this stokke one) or my uppababy, and with this Austlen stroller, you also have the options to add their accessories to jazz if up.

rumble seat/car seat adapter/cup holder/tray/basket/seat liner/ sit + stand

If you take note from the picture above, it shows all the amazing features of this stroller.

Besides that amazing Austlen stroller, there are so many great stroller options outs there. If you already own the Uppababy, Britax, or the baby jogger city select, these three strollers are amazing, and instead of buying an entirely brand new stroller, you can always add the skateboard option for your older child. Keep in mind that this skateboard option is better suited for an older child, a great option for a mommy whom has children that are farther apart in age. There are easy-to-use universal boards available, such as the BuggyBoard by Lascal or brand-specific models such as the Sidekick Stroller Board by Orbit Baby and the Freerider Stroller Board by Mountain Buggy.

If you already own a bugaboo or like the stroller mentioned above, using this universal wheeled board by englacha is for you because unlike the skateboard option that better suited for older children, this seat board is better little toddlers. Choose a wheeled board with a seat to take the comfort factor up a notch. This wheeled board may be a touch more expensive, but it will allow your older child to sit down if he gets tired of standing. The most universal model seems to be the Cozy B Rider Connector by Englacha, and Bugaboo lovers must check out the Comfort Wheeled Board, or this amazing one from Mee-go, that also has a fun steering wheel for the kiddo to enjoy.

If your a mama who just wants another option instead of adding the skate board/wheel board seater, the sit-n-stand would be a great option for you. It's not quite a single or a double stroller, it offers you many options of having a car seat and older child sitting at the front, or the younger toddler sitting at the front and older child can stand or sit in the back, or bonus if you have one child you can use the back portion as extra storage space for groceries or baby things. Some great options to check out are the Joovy Caboose Ultralight, the Graco RoomFor2 Stand & Ride and the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra.

The last kind of stroller option would be the jump seat, it looks different than other stroller models, but they still offer the same option your looking for which is two kiddos in the same stroller. These types of strollers attach to the stroller frames with adapters behind the main seat and look less bulky than the the strollers mention above. A few brands that do the jump seat really well are phil&teds, UPPAbaby and Britax.

There three strollers are all from phil and teds, as you can see from the pictures they have a great selection of jump seat strollers, they have the classic, voyager and dash are just some of the options they have.

Any of these alternatives to a double stroller can help accommodate your growing family and make moving everyone around a whole lot easier!

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