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What's in my diaper bag

This is my diaper bag that I immediately bought after we found out we we're pregnant with baby boy I knew what I needed and what I was looking for. And this bag held up so well. It's been greatly used and loved. This bag does look it, but it was big enough to be used for two kids. I was able to fit everything I needed for a newborn and a 3 year old. This bag has so many great features, it has two insulated bottle hidden bottle holders on each side of the diaper bag, all the closures are magnetic or zipper so you won't wake baby up if you need to get into the bags, lots of pockets on the inside, two large zipper compartments at the top of the bag, two pockets on the front that's easy access because they have magnetic closures, you can either hold this bag with your hands with the two top handles, crossbody or on your shoulder and lastly the bag has two stroller straps built into the bag as well.

Here's the screenshot of what's in my diaper bag for the summer. This skiphop duo in french stripe is so durable and has lasted me the last 2 years. I usually have extra change of clothes for both kids and a wet bag just incase for dirty clothes, diapers, water bottles for both kids, toys for both kids, some all nautral saniziting wipes, my little girl's EPI pen and benydryl because she is severely allergic to sesame seeds, and lastly my mommy things (card case- as a mommy you learn to downsize your own things because the kids have way too many things, change purse and a little notebook to jot down all the important things I need to remember for me and the kids).

And here's the screenshot of what the bag looks like on. I usually just crossbody the bag because if you haven't read from my previous post, even with the stroller straps the bag slips completely down the bar handles on the Uppababy stroller. The bag is also pretty light on it's own so even with the kids stuff inside it's not that heavy to carry. And in this particular photo I was taking the kids to the water park and I was carry towels, bathing suits, extra change of clothes, snacks, water bottles and sunscreen and it was still pretty light.

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