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Mom fall outfit ideas

Now that we're back into full swing of school and fall weather is in full effect, my mama uniform has definitely shifted a bit. Goodbye to easy summer dresses or throwing on shorts and tank tops (insert sad face) now it's all about layers without looking bulky and still trying to look semi-put together. I wanted to share some things that have really helped with the ease of putting together an effortless no brainer mom uniform. Without having to wear sweatpants and oversized shirts to do the school run drop off/running errands. This mom uniform I have been wearing a lot lately is the biggest importance to me is comfort, you can still wear yoga or jeggings and still look put together. Some of these tips I"ll be sharing are full proof and always look effortless. For example take a look at the picture below, my full proof formula is my goes with everything camo anorak, leggings, either a cozy boyfriend sweater, chambry shirt, a relaxed boyfriend fit tee and comfy classic shoes, such as those awesome duck boots, moto boots or my go to sneakers.

1. No matter what your style or personal fashion preference, there's one thing all moms can agree on: You want clothes that are washable, easy to care for and durable. During a typical mom day, your clothes may come into contact with food, milk, spit-up, boogers, etc. I am not only a mama of two kiddos, but I'm also a preschool teacher, so washable clothes is key for me, it has to be able to get thrown into the washer. Important things to keep in mind is to stay away from things that say "dry clean only" or "hand wash only" seriously being a busy mom the last thing you want to be doing is hand washing all your clothes. Great places to shop in are like "Mark warehouse" where they have a lot of on trend clothing with 'wrinkle resistant' material. which will be easy for a busy mom to have in their closet.

2. Another tip to remember is to keep in mind after having a baby, your body will not be the same for a while and even now, my little boy is 2 years old and I'm finally sorta back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so I know it can take a long time for your body to get back to normal. With this in mind, when buying some key items for your mama uniform remember to get items that have a lot of give to the material so it can conform to your body and much more forgiving than a skin tight shirt.Go with shirts that button up so even as your loosing the baby weight the shirt will still look great it kind of hides the belly area. Also if your nursing shop for wrap tops, button up tops or lower v neck shirts.

3. Getting inspiration from fashion magazines are also a great idea of what to add that's on trend to your mama uniform. Like the latest "Parents" or "Today's Parent's" magazines of In real life moms of what they wear and lots of fashion topics that are steered towards moms. Or look at mama celebrities and look for the one that suits your style and see what they're wearing at the moment to get some outfit inspirations. I love looking through the magazines and getting inspiration from them and looking through my own closet to re-create some of the looks..

4. If your a busy stay at home mom or a full time working mama, an important part of your mama uniform would have to be taking care of your feet (so comfy shoes are a must). You can't be chasing after a busy toddler or running to get your kiddo from school in sky high stillettos, but you also don't need to be wearing flips flops either. With all the options available in afforadable or high end price ranges, there are literally hundreds of options to look for. Go with the classic bootie or sneakers especially now with the huge sneaker trend you can look effortless and still comfy. Or if you really want a shoe with some height a wedge or a chunky heel would be the way to go.

5. The entire point of having a mom uniform is convenience. If you love a particular pair of shoes (mine are my beloved converse and chelsea ankle bootie) or the classic olive anorak, go with the couple of staple pieces that you love and add some new on trend pieces, like a bucket bag, or boyfriend sweater. The key is to stick with what you love and keep the same formula of what works for your lifestyle and taste.

Above pictures are some great mama uniform formula, have a great shoe, comfy pants (such as jeggings or like the old navy pixie pants, a cozy sweater or boyfriend style shirt and throwing on a comfy olive anorak and you look really pulled together and still comfortable. Some great places to shop at like target (they have great coats and shoes at affordable prices) or hm (they have great jeans/pant options and some of their jeans come with elastic waist-seriously who doesn't love a comfy waist band) or zara (which have great on trend, classic and contemporary affordable prices as well). These three stores I frequent quite a bit or if you want to spend a little more money for some great quality staple pieces try looking at club monaco or mango (both these stores also have great sales throughout the year). Or the classic shops like Old navy, the gap and Banana republic have great quality pieces as well.

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