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2017 New baby Gear

The ABC kids expo is like any mama's dream to go to. It's literally just baby items gallore. It's been a long time dream of mine to have my very own children's boutique and still working on towards this goal. Slowly but surely I'll get there. But for now I'm doing lots of research, looking for the right space to buy and put up my baby store. Through my research years back, I'd come across this ABC kids expo and I always look forward to this expo. I will be sharing some great new baby gear that'll quickly become every mamas favourite.

Seriously the first most amazing thing on this list would have to be this Lauren Canals washable carpet. No, you didn’t misread that. If you're in the market for the perfect rug for your little person’s nursery, then look no further. Not only are the carpets washable (I know still shocking) they're affordable and come in so many different styles. But mostly I still cannot get over that these carpets are washable, that don't require any professional cleaning.

This next item is pretty amazing a 3 in 1 baby item. It's a jumperoo, activity table and play table in one item. Like when I had my first little girl, we bought everything a jumperoo and little acitivty table and now with this new option you don't have to waste all that money and space for all the baby items, you just need this one little gem.

It’s toxin-free, dishwasher safe, and spill proof! My daughter is obsessed with smoothies and this squeeze is no fuss cleanup and mess free as well. There are so many benefits to a reusable squeeze bottle besides the environmental aspect, you have the option of putting different kinds of foods into the squeeze bottle, you can put yogurt, apple sauce, smoothies and the list can go on and on. This is the one product that you'll be able to use past the baby toddler stage.

Besides having little baby next to you if your a co-sleeping mama, the Dock-a-tot now has this amaing activity bar to entertain your little baby while their awake. So now you'll be getting so much use out of it because it's not just for when baby is sleeping you can use now while their wake as well. So this is another great use all the time baby product.

Oh gosh where do I begin, the mountain buggy original stroller is pretty amazing. I had borrowed it a while when I had my first baby and it's amazing to use in yucky winter weather. The wheels are great to navigate in snow. It's also a smooth ride since the wheels can go on all terrain. Now the mountain buggy brand have stepped up their game and made this amazing double stroller. So you have the option of pushing around two babies or using on side as an extra basket besides the huge basket at the bottom of the stroller.

This new company Evomove has this amazing new NOMI high chair that comes in three stages from infant to big kids. You can combine the NOMI highchair with add-ons to customise the highchair as your baby growns. The high chair is secured directly onto the wooden stem and replaced by the seat, back support and footrest. When your child is ready to sit upright, you can take out the extra padding and move the back rest up to accomodate a toddler and so on.

7amenfant has great winter baby gear and with so many prints to match what the style your going for. Also take advantage of the newsletter sign up where you'll get a $20 coupon to go towards your first purchase so take advantage now. The brand is known for their contemporary BLANKET212 line, it's equipped with zippered length and width extensions, this footmuff grows with your child from infancy to preschool. Versatile and durable, it adapts to any stroller/car seat and converts into a large blanket. Constructed with an ergonomic hood, thermal filling and waterproof shell it's ideal to keep your little baby warm and dry.

Lastly wanted to share another great skip hop baby item. They've come out with this great playspot geo foam floor tiles. A new décor-driven baby-safe flooring lets you create countless trend-setting patterns for a customized look. It's designed to complement your home’s décor, while keeping your child comfortable and happy. With a triangle shape, our foam floor tiles connect easily for the ultimate customization of your little one’s play space.

And lastly wanted to share this great video I found to DIY your own foam floor tiles. So going to try this one out.

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