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Surrey Kids Museum

This past weekend we spent exploring more of where we live. If you don't know I live in Surrey BC with my husband and two kiddos. We spent a couple of hours exploring this great museum and all of Surrey's rich history.

This museum had so much to offer, a part of museum is dedicated to Surrey's rich history from its first Peoples to settler communities, urban development, transportation, logging, farming and home life. Artifacts and images reach right up to the gallery ceiling. Highlighting vintage vehicles, the rodeo, eateries and totem poles just to name a few amazing features, the Surrey Museum delivers as a must see local attraction.

Above are some great parts that my kiddos loved so much we talked about how an old stove worked, or the old tv, radio and furnace. Tuyet my oldest quite enjoyed listening to the stories about the old furniture and how they were used.

The sustainability focused Kids Gallery is all about fun. The theme at the moment is all about food.

Some highlights:

- A make believe garden where kids can plant and harvest vegetables, learning about the space required to do so

- A play greenhouse also open for 'gardening' to illustrate the comparison to farms

- A puzzle in which kids attempt to balance people and food production to build a city that is sustainable

Another great feature is about how human power and weather can affect food supply and these two great activities like riding the bike to make solar power and the pin ball machine showing how we need to keep the ball moving for the weather to constantly move. The kiddos stayed at these two particular activities forever.

A great feature would have to be this tree house. And the best part inside it was a great big floor puzzle and dress up clothes.

I can say by my little guy's favourite would have to be this feature wall. You basically press a button and air flows through all the tubes. And on the side there is a special pocket that you can place scarves into and watch the scarves move throughout the tube and the scarves come flying out from the slot at the top of this wall maze. My little guy stayed at this wall feature for at least 30 minutes, screaming in joy as he watched the scares move about and the anticipation of when the scarves would come flying back out.

Here's some other great feature, a little colouring table, a reading nook and a great big small scale city of what Surrey looked like years ago.

Having a nice snuggle fest inside the book nook. It was so nice and cozy inside. The nook had stuff animals for the kiddos to hug and so many great books to read.

Exploring inside the tree fort a little dress up show and exploring puzzles.

The Kids Gallery itself is all about interaction. Tossing museum norm on its head, the space is loud and kids are encouraged to touch everything, ultimately learning about sustainability and relating it to their own lives. Picky eaters and junior foodies are now invited to explore green growing and to learn how to reduce food waste.

Exploring the farmhouse, with some great features on the outside with the clothes, clothesline and pins to do laundry and of course inside the farmhouse, there is a large dining room table, stove, sink and of course lots of food for the children to explore.

Exhibition Details

Location: Surrey Museum

Price: FREE - Admission sponsored by Friends of Surrey Museum

Date: Feb 9, 2016 - Dec 23, 2016

Hours: Mon- Closed, Tue-Fri- 9:30am-5:30pm, Sat- 10:00am-5:00pm, Sun- 12noon-5:00pm Stat holidays- Closed except for Nov 11

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