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Holiday Treats

The holiday season is already crazy trying to get all the presents, getting the house decorated, sending out christmas cards to friends and family, planning the christmas family dinner and add the kids into the mix, since they'll be off school for winter break, it's a whole bunch of business. I wanted to share some great fun easy recipes that'll take some guessing of what kind of snacks to make for that fun family christmas/holiday parties that your invited to or planning on throwing yourself. I'm sharing some of my faves that I've found. My kiddos definitely love the melted snowman cookie or maybe it was the decorating that they really enjoyed. Comment below if your going to try any of these recipes and let me know how it turns out.

1. Pretzel chocolate sticks

2. Hot chocolate cups

3. Reindeer rice crispies

4. Melted snowman cookie

5. Snowman white chocolate bark

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