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CMR Sample box

I wanted to share this great resource I found searching around for great canadian motherhood resources and came across this CMR site. This site offers so many different helpful programs, services and resources to a number of communities of parents across all of canada on a variety of subjects that matter to so many mom’s. This site has so many contributors, bloggers and network of mommy experts have helped keep the site up to date on trending baby gear and sticky subjects from expectant mamas to seasoned moms.

So go check out the site and sign up for the newsletter and the site usually send out great sample packs for mamas to use and see if they like the products or not before actually committing to buying a whole case load of that baby food. The site has so many subjects the cover from trying to have a baby to helpful links to get your baby’s social insurance card, to recalled baby gear and great contest and giveaways.

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