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New Years with Kids

Now that we're a family of four and family time is so special. We've decided to spend it with the kids instead of going out. I found some great ideas to make it a fun experience for the kiddos.

We are definitely going to do a fun dress up session before the party begins. Bring out the tiaras, dresses, little tuxedos for my little guy.

We're also going to make some fun drinks that everyone can have. The kiddos love anything pineapple or mango. So were mixing some pineapple juice with some gingerale into fancy cups with straws for the kids to enjoy. Or make some milk and cookies mocktails (It's basically milk and cookies, but the milk is in a fancy wine cup) or a yummy milkshake.

And we cannot forget about the yummy treats to go along with the tasty drinks. This fireworks cookies would be a great activity for the kiddos to help make. Or these yummy firecracker sticks (which is basically pillsbury biscuit mix wrapped with some pepperoni and garlic salt thrown on top) and lastly these yummy party cone hats that the kids will definitely have fun decorating.

And a party wouldn't be one without some music. We made a fun soundtrack of everyone's favourite songs and we're going to blast the music and have a dance party with a whole lot of Madagascar's I like to move it (the kids fave)

We're also going to do some fun arts and crafts with the kids to make the countdown more fun like these DIY sparklers and if your on the lazy side like me get some skewers and put some fuzzy pom poms on top and call it a day or these fun confetti poppers.

Some great tips:

And since both kiddos are still quite young, we're having our party earlier and dimming the lights to make it seem like night time, or turn off the lights and use a star light projector or better yet turn off the lights and put glow in the dark balls all around the room. Also if you want to use real sparklers, poke the sparkler stick through the bottom of a plastic cup and voila kiddos will be protected from the flying sparks.

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