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Valentine's Day Goodies

It's always difficult to find easy valentine's day treats to make. So through thorough research I've found some really yummy and easy treats that any busy mama can make. I mean who wants to spend hours upon hours making or putting together a valentine's day goody bag, when you can whip up any of these yummy treats will make you look like a rock star mama at your kiddo's school valentine's day shindig.

I"m personally going to do the Red velvet sandwich cookies, but look at those cute heart shaped milk ice cubes, easy marshmallow pops, yummy heart rice krispie pops or the easy peasy heart shaped short bread cookies... Take your pick any of these are going to be easy and oh so good.

I would love to hear and see if you tried any of these yummy easy recipes. Also I died when I was taking these pics of my little girl posing and stating this is her special valentines day outfit.

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