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Valentine's Day DIY Crafts

Valentine's day crafts has got to be one of my favourites things to do with my kiddos and students at school. I have some great diy craft activities that are easy to prepare and for the kiddos to do without any supervision. Now some of these activities do take some prep time, but they'll turn out so good.

The rolling pin stamper is pretty cool and I wish I had thought of that, but I found it on this great site so check it out and give it a try. Another easy one would have to be the toilet paper roll stamper, it doesn't get easier than folding the toilet paper roll and using some red paint. If you want to go a little fancy try out the glitter salt dough, I know my little girl will be so excited to do this particular one, but any little girl will be excited if glitter is involved. The wax resist valentine's day card is a super easy activity and so straight forward not a lot of prep time involved. And lastly my personal fave is the shaving cream hearts, which is kinda messy but will turn out amazing.

If you give any of these crafts a try please comment below of how it went or send me a pic, I'd love to see how they turn out.



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