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Stylin' Mama

Once becoming a mama I had a hard time finding things to wear, especially right after giving birth your body is definitely not back to normal and let's be honest for the most of us, your body never really does go back to normal. One of the first thing I realized and accepted was that my body will never be the same way it was again and in some instances after having babies I have this new found confidence in myself that I've never had before like who cares if I don't look like that and not following the trends. I wanted to share some things I've learned as well as some great info through research and following different mom bloggers and stylists to see what worked for me.

1. To begin with if your a visual person like me, creating a vision board has done wonders for me. Getting inspiration from Pinterest is a great place to start. You literally can type in anything and a million things will pop up. I've actually created my own board called "Mom fashion inspo" that'll pin in outfits from celebrities or bloggers of what I like.

2. Another great thing I learned is work with what you already have in your closet and build from there. Go through your closet, I usually do this about 3 times year. I make three piles "keep", "donate" and "sell" I try to look through making decisions on what comes into my head first instead of second guessing. If I haven't worn in more than 6 months it's either getting donated or I sell the item through an app called "trend trunk" it's like the canadian version of poshmark. And with the money you make from selling some of the clothing items, you can use that and buy staple items, like a nice blouse, chambry shirt, comfy jeggings, etc, things that you know you'll definitely wear.

3. Have a friends or an actual professional freelance stylist to help. Call that friend (you know the one you always admire what she wears) and ask if they can come over and help you go shopping or I love this mom blogger "The family jewels" I love her style and bonus she's a stylist as well, a great person to follow or ask advice from if your in need of help.

Some other great fashion mom bloggers I love are "Peeks at five ft" she has an amazing instagram feed, full of fashion for both you and your kiddos, Morgallen is another great mama with an amazing IG feed, Dilkagoren and ofcourse I love Jillian Harris's IG feed. Also celebrities like Jessica alba, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively and Rosie Huntington Whiteley to name a few. I love their casual, edgy and effortless styles.

4. Join online Facebook groups, like swap and shops, online sites like smiterystyle where they basically have stylists on hand to help you figure out your body shape, style and what your looking for and lastly check out your local consignment shops, you seriously never know what you'll find. I've even gone to my local Value village not necessarily there to buy anything in particular but keeping in mind things that I need and if I find it try it on. I've found some great thrifted items.

5. Lastly is have fun, style and fashion should be something fun, that you can experiment with. And throw out all the thoughts of "oh is this outfit okay for a mom" I mean really what is a mom outfit. Dress with what makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself.

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