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Choose Kindness

I felt this urge to come on here a write. Have you ever felt so over worked, over done, over tired, to the point of wanting to just hide. Well your not alone. I have had two kiddos both sick on and off for what seems to feel like months. Put on top of the fact that I have a 8-3 job, solo parenting most of the time, because let's be honest having two kiddos and a home it's gets crazy expensive so sarifices are made as parents. Child care costs don't make it any easier, so with all of this I work earlier and my husband goes into work later in the day to curb the childcare cost, but we in turn don't see each other a lot. Both my husband and I are essentially solo parenting, two crossing ships in the night, but we rejoice on the weekends, that's when we get to spend quality time as a family.

But to continue on with the whole point of this story sharing. I've had two sick kiddos, solo parenting, working full time and oh I also feel down on a huge sheet of ice at work and have been trying to recover from the knee injury so needless to say I'm feeling like I'm drowing trying to do it all and be the best mama I can be to these two sweet babes. Well the story begins by me thinking we need to pick up a couple of things from the grocery store that's literally 10 minutes from our house. To make it a fun adventure (yup that's right trying to win this mommy thing with the kiddos and make it a fun experience instead of feeling rushed) we walked with no stroller, just me and the two kiddos, our gear and umbrellas to brave the light drizzle we had going on outside. It started out so great, both of them just hopping in puddles and laughing. Fast forward to our walk on the side walk about 5 minutes form the grocery store when miss princess almost trips and I being "supermom" (LOL) caught her and trying to calm her down. Now here's where it gets a little hazy, little man decides to dart down the side walk so there I am holding onto miss princess and trying to catch the escape artists. And all I hear is this woman yelling from across the road at me "you stupid f***** b*** watch your kids and she's yelling this over and over. My little girl starts to cry, I'm trying to hold it together, you know rise above and not yell back which is what I really wanted to do and picked up both kids and kept on walking. I kept it all together until we got to the grocery store and this little old woman smiles and says "good job mom, getting outta the house for some fun" and I literally just started to sob. All the adrenaline, anger, sadness and fear all poured out and I just couldn't keep it together anymore.

After crying it out we walked into the grocery store, got the stuff we needed and I got the kiddos both a kinder surprise egg as a treat for the terrible afternoon we had. What I want to remind all you mommas out there that we're all in this together, instead of judgement we place on other women, moms, people around us. We should start showing more kindness, compassion and empathy. Yelling at someone across the street, was just the most horrible thing to do to someone. You (yes the screaming lady) have no idea what I'm going through, the hardships and struggles that I am and other moms, women, people are going through. And you certainly have no right to yell at someone without knowing/walking in their shoes. Let's band together as moms band together and show a little kindness.

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