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Sick Babies

Our little family has been plagued with this cold for what seems like forever. Which is why I haven't been able to put up more blog post than I like. My sweet babies have been sick with this terrible chesty cough, runny noses, sneeezes and restless sleeps. So needless to say I've done some thorough research of what I can do to help my babies get better faster. And now my husbands also caught this terrible cold, so I'm the last man standing literally. I think for me I've been working with kids for so long, my body has built a good immune system to all those pesky bugs out there. Also I've you've followed along for a while, you'll know I'm very much an all natural homeopathic mama and if it gets bad that's when I'll take the babes to the doctors and get antibiotics if we really need it.

Thank goodness for the mild weather I am a strong believer in giving the kids some fresh air outside. Although both babies have this terrible cold, you can clearly see their spirits are still up. Getting some fresh air for even 15 minutes can do wonders for their mind and in turn help their little bodies get better.

Below are some amazing products that have really helped with making my babies feel more comfortable. The nasal aspirator has been my lifesaver, especially for my little guy whom isn't so sure of how to blow his own nose yet. And also this hydrasense nasal aspirator works just as well as the nose frida, but much more affordable. This boiron chestal cough medicine is so good, literally it tastes so sweet and the kiddos take it with ease, the crane froggy humidifier is also so important to keep the air moist, this hydrasense nasal spray is great for my little girl becuase her nose has been so dry and lastly this boiron coryzalia cold capsules I place into the kiddos drinks 5 times a day. All of these products have been a great help in getting the kids feeling better.

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