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Moving with kids

Its never a dull moment with these two and it definitely was a huge learning experience for me to pack and move our household of four people. Through this process I've learned some great things that will surely help you if your going to move anytime soon with two small kids.

1. Start by decluttering. Throwing away things that you haven't used in a long time because chances are you won't be using it in the place either.

2. Tackle one room at a time. Instead of having lots of boxes going in each area of the house, which will definitely have your head spinning. Tackle one room, putting all the things away that's not needed and leave out the special stuff that's still in use.

3. Ask for help, it's no use if your feeling overwhelemed and have too much to do. Ask family or friends if they can come over and make a packing party out of it. It'll get done a lot faster and a lot more fun experience than going solo.

4. Give your kiddos something to do- now this is the one thing on this list that would definitely help you mommas out when it's packing time. I had made speical bins of stuff the kids have never done before like special glitters, paints or colouring books they've never seen before. And I also designated a safe area they can sit in while all the boxes and things are out to be put away.

5. always label every box, so it'll be a lot more organized once you get to the new place to unpack.

6. Do a lot of packing and decluttering while the kids are asleep, it'll give you calm and quiet which is what you'll need during the high stress time of putting things away.

Here's also a great printable I found on the oh so amazing martha stewart site, a really great moving check list to help with the stresses of moving.

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