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Puzzles galore

So we've been a little MIA on here because of all the moving, packing, unpacking, caring for two kiddos, etc. So I've had little to no time to do anything else. We are finally settled in and after unpacking, the kiddos have regained their love for puzzles and it's been non stop putting the puzzles into the right spot and dumping it all out and starting over again.

Gosh can we take a second from the puzzles talk for a minute and talk about how big baby boy is. Also he hates being called a baby, he has requested to be refered to as a big boy (cue crying face) and he's talking so much and the puzzles have been a great tool to use for Tau to learn colours, names of the different types of cars, shapes and animal names. We love puzzles in our house and we are going this weekend to get some more.

Puzzles have so many benefits for children. And in our house we play with them all the time. Especially during that funny period after dinner and baths, but there's still that window of time before actual sleep that we bring out the puzzles for the kiddos to explore.

Some fun facts about playing with puzzles:

Cognitive- Puzzles come in a whole range of themes and topics such as alphabet letters, shapes, vegetables, numbers, pets, transport and colours. It increases their fine motor skills, as their using their pincer grasp to grab onto the puzzle pieces to place into the right spot, eye and hand coordination, which requires a trial and error process which involves a lot of hand and eye manipulation.

Problem Solve- Completing a puzzle, even the most simplest of puzzles sets a single goal to achieve. Again through trial and error, if the piece didn't fit the first time where else will it fit, does it match this colour or shape. All these inquiries are going on in their minds as their going through the puzzle pieces. The greatest part of puzzle play, is the inquiry/developing strategies portion to get the pieces into the corresponding spots. Once this is achieved they have such a sense of accomplishment, building their self confidence which hopefully in turn will force them to try harder puzzles and to challenge themselves.

Social- Through this trial and error process of fitting the puzzle pieces into the corresponding spots, this process promotes cooperative play as you may need help and asking a friend for assistance, communicating and working together to get the puzzle finished, which takes out the frustrations of doing it alone, their sharing and supporting one another through the process.

I'd love to know what you love about puzzles and what strategies do you use for that odd hour between baths and sleep time.

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