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Easter cookies

In our house the kiddos have loved easter since they we're babies. As my husband grew up in a very spiritual Christian household, my mother in law is a deacon at a church so we there a lot of special holidays that we celebrate. So my hubby bought a fun Easter cookie decorating kit and the kids had such a blast doing it.

The kiddos worked so hard decorating the cookies. Little man especially tried hard using his palmer grasp, putting the blue icing all over. He worked so hard putting the icing and sprinkles all over. And check out little man's bangs that he cut himself LOL.

I don't know since when but when did Easter become this great big holiday buying these large easter gift baskets for the kiddos. When we've celebrated it's always been a quiet family time. And that's we'll do again this year lots of yummy food and quality family time.

It was so nice to watch my two babies talk, play and help each other decorate their cookies. They've become such great friends and I only hope that their relationship grows.

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