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Toddler tornado

Growing up you could always find me behind a great book, literally my nose right in it, just enthralled of what's to come in the story. And that love for reading and learning as only become much more apparent now that I've become a mama. Once learning I was pregnant I literally researched and read almost all the pregnancy, labor and delivery books that were out there. I've borrowed books upon books at the local library just wanting to know it all. Now mind you I've been a teacher for a little over 4 years at this point and I've come to feel really comfortable being with children, understanding their quirks, development and all their wonder, but at that moment when I realized I was pregnant I felt like I knew nothing. And now with two kiddos and with my second baby he's really thrown me a curve ball, so not like his quiet and sweet older sister. This started me on my quest to read more and learn some new strategies to help with little toddler tornado.

Thus far, I'd gotten through these 3 books so far. And all 3 are so different but so great. If you want a real and raw take on motherhood in all its funny moment, hardships and amazingness you'd love "Don't lick the minivan". It's such a funny and relatable read. If your looking for strategies and tips, check out "Help there's a toddler in my house", it's full of great scenarios and sound advice to help you get through the young childhood age. Lastly "smart parenting, smarter kids" touches more on the science side of things, it touches on how the child's brain works, how they develop at each age and what to expect. The book also gives great proven strategies to support parents that need a little reassurance of what to do in different areas like social development, sleep patterns and communication.

1. The Magic of motherhood

2. Parenting with purpose

3. The whole brain child

4. The mommy brain

5. Peaceful parent, happy kids

6. Shitty mom

P.S. A great tip is to see if your local library has any of these books, have a read and if you really love it that's when you can decide to buy your own copy. Also if you go through the links I shared all the books are on sale right now as well.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please comment down below or send me a message or instagram message, I'd love to know which is your favourite book or some great books you've come across.

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