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Mother's Day Gifts

All of sudden it's literally the end of April and Mother's Day is upon us. I wanted to share some great local gifts for the special women in your life for this special occasion. And these gifts are more than just flowers or chocolates, they're a delivery service. Yup you heard that right, a delivery service. Fresh Prep delivers organic fresh meals delivered right to your door for those busy mommas. Fresh prep has different meal plans as well, a dinner for two or family meal, with an option of 2 meals to 4 meals a week delivered right to your door. You get 4chef designed meals sourced right here from local vancouver vendors, chopped and pre portioned for faster cooking. The meals arrive in insulated coolers with bags that sort your ingredients by recipe and keeps them cold for hours prior to refrigeration. Recipe cards with step-by-step instructions to cook delicious meals in under 30 minutes.

Mama bear sends you a special box once a month chalk full of local goodies from right here in British Columbia. So why not treat yourself to your own mama's day gift of monthly goody box. You start out by choosing the gender, age, and length of subscription and we'll choose the best small shop products for you and your little one. Your box arrives in the mail. Discover new modern small shops and the wonderful products they make for mama + babe.

This day wouldn't have any meaning if it wasn't for these two sweet babies right here. I'm so thankful and blessed to have these two call me mama.

If you try out these two delivery services, I would love to know your thoughts and what you got.

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