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A few things I've learned about being a mom

Becoming a mom has been the most rewarding and hard thing I have ever done in my life. Not to sound cliche, but from the moment they both came into this world my world changed forever. I was on high alert from every whimper and cry I would run to their crib ro ake sure theyvwe're okay. I'd watch them sleep making sure they we're breathing, literally waiting to watch their cheat rise up and down. You'd never think that having a baby poop and pee would be your major discussion of the day with tour husband. Literally I had lists of how many times they pooped, peed, ate and slept and repeat all over again the next day. Soon those worries move on to another thing.

1. Your emotions are on high alert. I mean literally I would cry at a ad cat food commercial. And its not just post partum depression, even now my little guy is 3 years old and I could cry at the drop of the hat. I don't think this feeling will ever go away. These emotions I think are vital to being a mom. Because essentially your babies are literally your heat thats walking around so of course our emotions are on high alert. It has to be, in order to be aware at all times, on our toes to keep our babies safe, all of our senses need to be heightened.

2. You worry all the time. Yup you do. This kind of ties in with your emotions being heightened. Now matter how old they are, you worry. The things your concerened about when their babies such as are they eating enough or sleeping enough to I hope they make lots of friends in school and don't feel alone.

3. Throw whatever you might know out the door. Seriously even after years of being a teacher and feeling like I could handle it. I had no clue as to what to expect with a newborn. No sleep, barely even getting to wash my hair and getting dressed. And even after my second baby, I still had no clue. The sleeplessness was still a shock, the baby cries, I still had no clue about why baby boy was crying. With every baby its a whole new learning curve because every baby is different from their temperment to how much they ate or slept.

4. Your heart grows leaps and bounds after every baby. The fear of not knowing how you can love another baby as much as the one you have and how can you care for two is just some of fears you may have. But believe me your heart will grow even more when that sweet 2nd baby comes. And this strength comes out of nowhere knowing that these two babies are relying on you, you push through and learn/grow on how to care for two kids. Learning routines, strategies and schedules of how to juggle everything becomes easy.

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