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Mama's Day Wishlist

I love sharing some of my favourite products and especially for Mother's day, I've been eyeing some of these items and couldn't wait to share. Most of these items are on my wish list for a while, some I have and some that I have just discovered.

Now that summer is around the corner, some items on this list is specific to the summer weather. Some are just indulgent for that mama alone time. Mother's day isn't just about gifts but relishing in the time I have with my babies as they're only small for a short time and before I know it, they'll both be grown and leaving the house. Ofcourse every mama needs a good coffee mug, because mom life and I need all the coffees. I have also been really loving these Mama tees, I want them all LOL.

What's some of the things on your wish list. I'd love to know what your looking to get for yourself or get spoiled by your loved ones on this special Mama's day.

Thank you so much for following and reading my stories here, it means so much to me. Also follow me along on Instagram where I update you daily or pinterest.

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