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Raising Happy Confident kids

As Tuyet has gotten older, we've really made great efforts instill values to build up her confidence and ensure that most of the time she is truly happy, sure she'll have her moments of melt downs and sadness over certain things, but we always instilled in her that these things will pass, and you won't always feel like this forever. So I wanted to share this amazing book called "I like myself" by Karen Beaumont and I have a link here for the board book version for the younger kiddos or the original version here. My little girl loved this book so much partly because the story is about a brown little girl, which Tuyet pointed out "Hey she looks like me" and ofcourse the fun pictures and rhythmatic sound of the story. The story goes through all the parts of what the main character loves about herself, even with mess hair or beaver breath she still likes herself. I love the part where it goes:

I like me wild

I like me tame

I like me different

and the same....with spikes all down my spine,

or hair that's like a porcupine.

I still would be the same you see...

I like myself because I'm ME!

This books hits on so many wonderful things, like loving yourself no matter what state your in, sad, mad, crazy hair, funny nose or lips, she likes herself best. What better book to instill self love. The book highlights that no matter what someone says about you, your self worth and self esteem are something that come from only yourself.

1. Love your child. I know this sounds obvious, but it the most important thing you can give your child. Feeling the love and acceptance builds a strong foundation for confidence.

2. Teach resilience. No one suceeds at everything all the time. There will be failures and criticism, but through these learning experiences, I've always instilled in my little girl to try again. And that goes with everything as simple as colouring a picture and it didn't turn out the way she wanted, she'd get upset and try to rip up the page, that's when I usually step in a say, instead of ripping the picture up how can we fix it, can we add something else to make it better. Helping her find a solution instead of giving up.

3. Instill independence- now this one has been a tough one for me. I'm somewhat of the helicopter parent. But I've learned to let go. Leaving Tuyet to do things on her own everything from helping with folding the laundry to exploration outside like holding her little brothers hand and leading him the way to the park. Having her own her independence but still knowing I'm not to far behind if she ever does need me.

4. Lastly we always praise her when praise is due like when she got herself ready for school, getting dressed, brushing her teeth and hair. She even proceeded to get cereal not only for herself for breakfast but helped her little brother get ready too. That was moment I stopped what I was doing took it all in and smiled and told her what a great job she was doing. Those little moments of just stepping back, taking it all in, be in the moment and praised for her achievements, Tuyet never felt so 'seen'.

Below you can watch a "Books for Kids read out loud" that you will really enjoy.

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you love this book as well or other great books you love. Please don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you for reading along.

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