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Lost my Name?

If any of you mommas love books as much as I do, you'll defnitely love this book "kingdom of you". If you've heard of the famous "Lost my name" book, this "kingdom of you" is a branch off of that. You basically go on the site and look at the many options of books. Once you've got your book of choice, you go through the options of inputting your child's name, their favourite food, hobbies, etc. Once you've input all the special information and finished the process, the hard part is awaiting of the books arrival.

We decided on the "Kingdom of You" instead of lost my name because every little girls dream is to be a princess, so of course we went with this book. Everything about this book is done so well, even in the details, literally Tuyet's name is on the castle, the little school and train. Every small detail wasn't missed and impecciably done.

This book would make a great present for your little ones, especially for a birthday. I would highly recommend this book and I am currently awaiting a book we just made for my little guy. We choose to go with "The incredible intergalactic journey home" since little man is obsessed with all things space and aliens. So if you have a science solar system lover this book is for you and we cannot wait to share what that book is all about. And if you go now and use the promo code HUZZAH you'll receive 30% off the second book.

And here's a little back story on this amazing book "Lost my Name" started out:

Dragons, unicorns, rabbits in top hats… there used to be loads of magic in the world. Now we’re on a mission to bring it back – and to make millions of children around the world more curious, clever and kind. How? By combining the power of amazing stories, with the possibilities of technology, to create magical, personalized experiences for kids. As missions go, it’s rather splendid.

I would love to hear of which book is your favourite. Thank you for reading along.

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