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Importance of skincare

Skin care has been so important and it was all so much more important to me once I became pregnant with my little girl; I wanted to use the most natural and safe products while I was pregnant. After so much research and making sure I was reading the ingredients that were in the skin care products that I was using. I'm no skin care expert, but rather sharing some great products that have worked really well for me and I wanted to share these great finds with you. I f you see in the picture above this is after my allergic reaction I had to coconut and with some of these amazing products that I'll be sharing have been a vital part of my skin recovery. But yeah how sad is it that I'm allergic to coconut :(

An important part of my skincare is making sure I get all my makeup off at the end of the day. I have really sensitive dry skin,so I use this sensitive Loreal sensitive skin micellar water to take off most of the makeup and now the trick is to do double cleansing, so once I'm done with the micellar water, I go in with my sibu cleansing detox bar. What I do is get my hands slightly wet and rub the cleansing bar between my hands to get a good lather, once I've got a good lather between my hands I proceed to start rubbing my face in a circular motion getting rid of makeup that may be left over from the micellar water. Once my face is squeaky clean I go in with my St. Ives blemish control scrub, again rubbing my face lightly in a circular motion. After rinsing off the scrub I will put about 3 drops of the Sibu sea buckthorn oil all over my face, once that has sunk in I will proceed to rub the Kosmea organic rose hip oil all over my face (I usually use about 3 drops of the rose hip oil as well). I do this routine for the evening, but for daytime, since my skin is so dry and sensitive, I don't wash my face in the morning rather I would soak two cotton rounds with the micellar water and rub my whole face. After that I would go in with the Simple replenishing lotion with a drop of rose hip oil just for extra moisture.

This picture above is when my skin was at it's best no breakouts and where I want my skin to get back to so I'm literally heading back to the basics in my skin care routine. I'm keeping it really simple and using really good pure ingredients. But slowly but surely my skin is starting to get back to normal. Also I drink tonnes of water. I drink at least 6 bottles of those 12 ounce bottles. Some days I drink more than others, but I'm really mindful of making sure I do get lots of water. Also another major important part is vitamins, I take fish oil, multi vitamins and vitamin D everyday.

Besides the skin care I am very minimal when it comes to make up as well. I use the Rimmel Match perfection (my colour is classic civory 101), Milani "luminoso" blush, Loreal Lumi glow illuminator in N202 rose, NYX light brown eye brow gel, Mac's stippling brush in 187 and my favourite nail polish at the moment the Sally Hansen Argan oil infused polish in nude. I love to have my makeup routine quick and easy to get on with "momlife".

Thank you so much for reading along and following mamaindulgences. I'd love to hear about your tips and tricks when it comes to your skin care secrets.

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