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Summer Bucket list

I cannot believe its already June and summer break is about to start. We have so many things we want to do this summer. I mean we've lived here is British Columbia for almost 4 years and we haven't been to a whole lot of places. And that's definitely going to change now. We plan on lots of road trips, hopefully a trip back to the East Coast (Toronto) to visit friends and family.

We're defnitely going to Seattle, especially the Pike Place Market, Seattle's Ferris Wheel at Pier, Space Needle, etc. And we're hoping to drive to Portland Oregan as, we heard it's an amazing drive, the scenery is suppose to be amazing. So now I'm doing lots of research on how to survive a road trip with two kids. If you have any great tips, I'd love to hear what really helped you on long car rides.

Mainly we want to explore where we live so lots of driving again to Jericho beach looks like a fun place to explore, we really want to do an overnight trip to Tofino, the pictures alone of this place looks amazing, or Victoria, which the kids will love the ferry ride over, lots of camping in places like Chiliwack (it's our first time camping as a family- so wish us luck) and if you have any tips for camping I'm all hears, we also want to do a fun trip to Osoyoos, etc. Our list of places to explore in BC is super long and we're hoping to check a lot of them off our to see list.

Besides all the fun road trips, hopefully some fun exploration in our beautiful province, we're going to do a whole lot of water park fun, splash pads and ice cream trips. If you have experience with camping and long road trips with kids please comment below of any tips you have. Thank you for reading along.

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