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Moms Night in Box

Another month another great theme in the "MOMS NIGHT IN" subscription service. This months theme was all about "ART" and relaxation. I think my fave has to be the colouring book. I mean the books title explains it all "A day in the life of mom" literally inside is full depictions of a moms life, laundry room full of clothes, a sink full of dishes, etc.

Besides the cool colouring book, the box came with some yummy goodies, like organic lollipops and delicious little bites of caramel fudge. Another great item in the box is the twinkling string lights, that we hung in my kiddos room and they love turning it on at night, they call it their magical fairy lights.

Another little special item has to be these inspirational/motivational mom quotes. Like this one it says "Taking care of YOURSELF is part of taking care of your kids", which is so true, in order to care for your children, you need to care for yourself first, only when your truly happy, healthy and sane person can you in turn be a happy caring mama.

I'd love to know which subscription you subscribe to or have tried and loved. Thank you for reading along.

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