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Back to School- Coping with anxiety

Back to school has always been anxiety filled event for any child. Not knowing what to expect who you'll meet on the first day school. I'm so excited to be sharing another special component of our 'Back to school series' all about helping not only your kiddos but you as well.

1. Ease the kids back into a routine

Once summer break began we did lots of late night family fun outings and lazy slow mornings. And now that school is around he corner we have started getting back not routine, early bed time and early morning starts. I've learnt e hard ay that etting etting kiddos have late nights up until a week before school starts is a disaster waiting to happen. Which is why are tartan our normal routine now so hat other kids will etting thoroughly adjusted once cool starts.

2. Practice makes perfect

We do lots of practicing routines, putting out our clothes for the next day, helping with making breakfast and even a walk to the route we take to school. All he repetitive routines help with memorization skills.

3. Schedule play dates with peers and peers-to-be

One of the most important key factors to helping a child's anxiety is having them get to know their peers and teacher. One of the biggest fears most children experience is the unknown of who their teacher will be and who are the other kids in the class and what will they think of me. All questioms and fears would be put to ease by reaching out to other new parents and setting up a play date so your child will see a familiar face in the classroom and hallways.

4. Make a trip to the school playground

Over the summer, school playgrounds are pretty quiet, which makes for amazing adventures exploring the school grounds without the anxiety of other kids around that your child doesn't know yet. Use this time exploring the equipment of how to use the monkey bars, climber, etc. The more your child familiarizes themself with the play area and school grounds the less weary they'll be once school actually starts.

5. Host a back-to-school party

Since my daughter is going to grade 2 and most of her class mates will be more than likely the same group from grade one. This is a great event to hold. Not only are all the kids getting reacquainted again, we the adults will also get to know one another again to prevent those awkward first day of school 'Hello (oh I forgot your name) and how was your summer questions. And we will also throw in a fun school supply goody bag to get all the kiddos excited for school.

6. The back-to-school fairy

Its kind of a funny story how we came up with this one. It all started when my little girl lost her first tooth right at the end of the school year and we talked about how awesome it would be when the fairy came to visit take the tooth somewhere safe and that she'll get a treat in retrun. And #momfail I totally forgot that night to swap out her tooth for a treat and she woke up the next morning telling me there is no such thing as a tooth fairy. So not giving up I came up with a fairy that'll help make back to cool fun. The fairy brings new clothes, school supplies and treats.

7. A fun morning of first day of school breakfast

I am probably going to use one of easy 3-in-1 Recipes I shared in the previous post in our 'Back to school' series. And my little girl's fave the egg biscuit cup so I will definitely serve that one with a special treat to say Hooray its your first day of grade 2 special treat.

8. Give your child one last “summer wish"

Before heading back to the land of early mornings, home readings and practicing sight words; I'm giving my little girl her one last hurrah before we start school. She has requested for a trip to the zoo so we are planning a fun adventure to the Vancouver Zoo.

Side note for all you amazing mommas waiting for D-day to arrive. Try to find your CALM ZONE. The first day is not only stressful for the kiddos its equally stressful for us moms. And if your like me you probably won't slep a wink the night before. I am usually up getting back packs ready, lunches made, breakfast ready for the morning and that doesn't include getting myself ready for work. My little girl isn't the only one coming back to reality. Being a teacher I also get the luxury to have summer off. But its going to be so hard to kiss goodbye late night fun and lazy mornings. And some thing I have done is to wake up way before everyone does to have my alone time to get my in and self together for the day.

P.S. if your a crier like me, don't do it in front of your kiddos because more than likely they too want to cry. So stay strong give them a big hug and kiss goodbye and cry after they leave. Also I make special lunch notes to have her know I love her and that mama is thinking of her to rock the first day of school.

Goodness sad face. This was my little girl from last year on her first day of grade 1.

As always thank for coming onto my side of e blogosphere. I would love to hear what you to help with back to school anxiety and comment below.

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