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Back to School- Lunch bag Essentials

A part of back to school is back to making lunches again, goodbye lazy days, snacking all day and back to normal routine. I thoroughly enjoy making and packing lunch bags so I am sharing some great essentials for a lunch bag and to make a mommas life so much easier.

1. Lunch bags are the most important component holding all the yumy goodies inside. Not only are the bags adorable, but they are light/easy to carry for little hands and easy to clean inside as well.

Pink Zoli // Floral Gourmet // Unicorn Skip Hop

2. Leak proof bottles are also #1 on our list. I have gone through so many, they either leak, hard to clean or don't hold the temp well. But these ones below, hold the temps so well and don't leak double win.

Zoli // Kleen kanteen // Ion

3. Lunch containers are the next important parts of our essentials. We have tried many and these ones are really great leak proof (for soups) and they hold hold the temp well.

Lady bug Skip Hop // Green Kids konserve // Hello Kitty FUNtainer

4. Snack containers are also equally important. And at my little girl's school they are going towards a greener community, so they don't want any packaged snacks, instead we should put them into snack bags. We love snack bags, they are easy to clean, reusable and easy for little hand to open. We will also share some fun snack containers as well.

Purple lunch bot // Sugarbooger container // Mermaid pouch // Lady bug pouch

5. We love bento boxes in our house. The kids love specifying what they want in each compartment. And we can do so many different variations with them.

Pink Omielife // Pink Sistema // Orange Monbento

6. Last but certainly not least, we cannot forget about backpacks. We've had our share of backpacks, testing it throughout the school year. And we learned the hard way buying ones from costco, they literally ripped halfway through the school year, so this time around we are getting something much more durable. We are sharing some of our faves below.

Gray/Pink Back pack // Stripe Roller Backpack // Pink Back pack

I hope these help ease you back to school and makes your life much easier in making fun yummy lunches for your kiddos.

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