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Back to School- Easy shoppping experience

"Back to school" these 3 magical words bring joy and sometimes sadness to mommas across the land. Back to school shopping however is one of the things I dread. Being a mama to a schoolager, my little guy starting preschool and teacher I have found some great things to make back to cool shopping a breeze.

1. Make a List

My first major life and money saving tip is don't deter off the school supplies list. Go through what you have at home first, write down what you need or if your lucky, my little girl's school actually sends a list home for you to purchase, which takes out all of the guessing work of what your child needs for school. This "LIST" will for sure Ave you lots of time and money.

2. Do your RESEARCH

Once you have your school list written down, go check out the flyers and local stores of deals or your local school supplies locations for the best deals such as, Collins Educational Supplies or Teacher's Tool Chest, these sorta places will always have what your looking for.


Don't wait till the very last minute because doing that tends to make you frazzled and forgetful of important things on the school list. Although it's very tempting to wait to the very end to find you deals, doing this usually equates to not a whole lot of school items in stock. Going early and getting everything ready, will make the first day of school so much more enjoyable so you can put your focus on the important things like making that special note for the first day of school lunch. The only things that can be held on till the beginning of school is usually the outdoor gear such as rain boots, rain coats, snow gear, etc, since it'll be pretty warm still for the next little while before 'old man winter' arrives.

4. If you can REUSE last year school supplies

For example my daughter had a huge school supply list last year, but on the last day of school she brought so many unused school supplies that we purchased the beginning of the year. I decided to save them in a box and reuse them again for this coming school year. This saved us so much time and money.

5. Check out your Local BULK BUYS Store

Go to places like your local COSTCO other bulk places, such as BULK BARN, BIG BOX outlet, these places will have major score items, like lined paper, pencils, and of course clothing items for the new back to school wardrobe. Buying in bulk will save you lots and you'll have so much left over for next school year.

Side note: a major way to save big is once you've shopped early for all the things on your list. Go back when school starts because the 'Back to School' section will have everything marked down at least 50% off, for you to use next year. And if your school doesn't send out school supplies needed for the school year, it wouldn't hurt to call the school and ask if they do have a general list or if you can speak directly with your child's teacher for what you need to get.

This post was short and to the point. I wanted this one posted before school starts, hopefully it'll save you lots of time. Thank you for reading along. I'd love your support and subscribe to our newsletter to get the lastest post right to your mailbox.

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