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Back to School- Creating new traditions

1. Celebrate School Year’s Eve

Just like New Year's eve, we do a fun celebration. We make yummy food, have a dance party, decorate the house with ribbons and play fun board games. And we talk about how exciting it'll be to see friends from last year. Usually pumping up how fun it'll be for my little girl to see her friends, usually does the trick to get rid of those jitters we all get when we are going back to school.

2. First day of School Questionnaire

Every year since my little girl started preschool, we do a fun little questionnaire of what she'll learn, how old she is, what she wants to be when she grows up, etc. It's a fun thing to compare to the ones we did last year.

3. Back to School Special Dinner

Now for me I am a teacher, so making dinner the first week back to work/school isn't a top priority, so dinner usually means we go somewhere yummy for dinner, but on this particular night, it'll be my little girl's choice of where we will have dinner. It's a special night to talk about how school went, who she met, etc a fun time to catch up.

4. Special After School snack

Again because I am a working mama, we make the special snack the day before or on the weekend. We think of yummy treat she may want. This year she requested to make our own fruit leather, so wish me luck it turns out okay LOL.

5. Special School Outfit

This is one special thing we do every year. And this year was no exception. We went to payless to get some shoes and a big girl back pack. But seriously when did she grow up because I showed her all of these shopkins, cutesy girl backpacks and she said "no" and that she wanted a big girl back pack.

7. First day of School festivities

This usually includes my little girl waking up early for breakfast, she usually helps me get the breakfast together while we have a dance around the kitchen. I usually put something special into her back pack, like a special new book or for this year I'll put a special notebook for her to doodle in as a hooray it's your first day of grade 2.

Thank you for reading along and going on this journey of back to school series with us. What traditions do you do for back to school, I'd love to hear what you all do, please comment below. I cannot wait to hear all about them.

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