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Dressing for Breastfeeding???

Breastfeeding is hard isn't it??? And more so dressing for it. I had the toughest time finding appropriate attire when I had my babies. For this blog post, I have my very first guest blogger. It's amazing to meet so many other incredible mommas out there. Not only has this incredible mama write such an informative piece about how to dress when your breastfeeding,she'd rather remain private, but she'd love you to check out this amazing informative site "Babygogo". Below you'll get see all the tips and tricks of how to dress for your breastfeeding journey.

After being a mother, a woman’s basic right is that she can breastfeed wherever and whenever she wants. But usually moms get stuck with a shopping dilemma and cannot feed in her best comforts. As your body changes your wardrobe needs to be upgraded too. You should fill it with more comfortable and at the same time practical dresses that you can easily wear at any place. This ensures that you are able to breastfeed your baby without any difficulties.

To improve the wardrobe of new moms and gift them the best comfort and confidence of breastfeeding their babies we bring to you some special and unique styling ideas.

● Nursing Bra - They have special clips that allow a section of fabric to fold down without affecting the support structures of the bra. There are two major benefits of Wearing a supportive maternity bra or nursing bra during pregnancy. First is that it reduces the stretching of breast tissue which will prevent the stretch marks and sagging breasts. Secondly with proper breast support back tension, stress, and pain remain at far end.

● Tank Tops - Tanks will give you a better feeling of coverage. They can be pushed aside or pulled down to fulfill your needs. Add them to your favorite shirts or with dresses, tanks come in all colors and sizes which can easily match your collection without dropping any level in style.

● Nursing Bra Long Top – One level up with idea and style, nursing bras are modified into tanks which become nursing bra long tops. The top is stapled to the straps which can be easily removed when you need to nurse your baby. Thus they not only provide support but also give proper coverage while nursing your baby.

● Button-Down Shirts - Button-downs are easier to dress up and look professional. These are a must have for working moms. When nursing, leave the lower buttons done. This will help you feel more secure.

● Wrap Dress - It is an excellent piece for work or a night out for our nursing moms. One layer of fabric draped in a crisscross over the other which makes feeding easy. So add elegance to your wardrobe with a few wrap dresses in your collection.

● Scarf - To avoid the inconvenience of carrying a Hooter Hider with you, scarves can be included in mom’s wardrobe. Wider scarves give lots of coverage when you're nursing your baby. Scarves can be easily matched with shirts and tanks without much hassle.

When to buy?

Expecting mothers will start to outgrow their regular sized clothes slowly. As soon as your clothes start to feel tight it’s a hint that your wardrobe is about to change quickly for next one year. Buy the clothes which have a soft fabric and comfortable to wear. Post delivery you may be able to start getting back into the old pretty clothes after a few months.

Tips for your new collection:

1. Soft fabric: To ensure that you nurse your baby with ease and comfort, buy soft fabric clothes which are ideal for a mom’s sensitive skin.

2. Perfectly fitting clothes: Neither too loose nor too tight, but the clothes that compliment your body shape should be in your wardrobe.

3.Blocks and patterns: Baby is expected to spill a little milk or sometimes vomit too. In such cases, blocks and patterns help to hide the stains.

4. Quality and not quantity: Your wardrobe will change quickly so instead of stocking too many clothes buy good quality, few numbered pieces.

5. Easy to wash: Frequency of washing clothes increases when your baby is in your arms most of the time. So pick up light weight clothes while you shop, which will be quick to wash.


From t-shirts to dresses, new moms can look beautiful in everything they want. Just follow your style instincts and consider the tips and you are all set to flaunt your new baby-mom look wherever you go. Happy dressing! :))

Thank you so much for reading along. Comment below what worked really awesome for you during your breastfeeding journey.

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