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Creative Arts Programs

Recently me and my little gang went to a super fun family event with Arts Umbrella. Now I haven't heard of this amazing not for profit organization, but I am so glad we've found this amazing place and will definitely register my kiddos for some of their amazing programs.

Here's a little statement from their site:

Our Mission

We believe that art is for everyone. As a not-for-profit arts education centre, we think access to the highest quality arts education is a basic human right, regardless of your experience, education, socio-economic background or ballet slipper size. We are just for those ages 2 to 19 though, because, well, we love the way kids and youth love the arts.

It all started in 1979 with five, young parents whose own artistic backgrounds show how arts shape a life. The first class was 45 eager students, and today, we reach more than 21,500 children and youth every year. We’re especially proud of our free-of-charge outreach programs, which bring the love of the arts to those who may not be able to afford it. Because art belongs to everyone.

But free-of-charge doesn’t happen entirely freely. Or at least as much as we’d like. We rely on inspiring community support to continue to create programs that inspire children. Today tuition covers 44% of our operating budget. The remaining 56% comes from different levels of funding, including individual donations. The arts give so much back. Is it time to consider what you could give?

During this time at the event, the kids got to participate in some creative art, painting beautiful abstract pictures, a bit of fun music class, full of laughter and music instruments and lastly but not least, the kids got to enjoy some free movement dance class.

Not only did we have fun but I got to meet some other amazing mama bloggers as well. If you haven't already go check out these amazing mommas below:

Brie from "Happy go mama blog"

Jenna from "Jennaliesch"

Go check out their sites, they are some awesome local mommas

I loved this slogan from "Art's Umbrella"---------->>Plant the seeds of creativity!

The ages of children participating can range from 2-6 years old. The programs have the children discovering, creating, discovering how to express themselves through art and of course having lots of fun. As a teacher I can truly say the years between the ages of 2-6 are the most crucial points of development, during this time the children are full of curiosity, so why not take advantage of their zest for knowledge and register your kiddo for that dance or art class you have been thinking about. There are so many programs to choose from, art to dance to participating in a parent and me class if your kiddo is a bit younger. Go check out their site for more information.

There are currently two locations one in Granville Island and one in Surrey.

And below are the contact information if you would like some more information.

Email us at or call the Student Services team during business hours at:

604-681-5268 | Granville Island 604-535-1127 | Surrey

Thank you so much for reading along. And if your a local mama, go explore their site and see what they are all about. And if your not a local mama, I suggest looking into your local community centres or non for profit organizations because you'll find some amazing programs for your kiddos to grow and explore. Side note: The Art Immersion program is slated to begin January 2018 instead of this fall.

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