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Flawed and all

From the moment I met my husband in high school I knew he was the one for me. The one to have a family with and the one to have babies with. Fast forward years later, we'd have these two sweet babies. From the moment I found out we were pregnant with our little girl. I did everything I could to be healthy for her, starting with the food I ate, it had to be all good for you organic foods. And even my skincare, I changed to all natural products, even the cleaning supplies was all natural stuff. But it didn't stop there, once we had her, I was that mom that made home made baby food, using all natural detergents, you name it I did it. And let me tell you, it was exhausting, trying to be that perfect mom, that made home made meals, using all natural products, etc.... I tried really I did, but came baby number 2, some of those ideas of doing it all kinda stopped dead in its tracks.

Nothing like a second baby that had colic for the first 7 months of his life and who hated sleeping only when someone held him would totally turn things around. Gone were the days where I cooked home made meals for the family. I was in survival mode, we did take out, lots of take out and I can say without being ashamed that we didn't leave the house for days nor did I brush my hair or changed my clothes for that matter. No one tells you how much your life changes when you have your second child. Sure the first time around, you have all these people around you, giving you tips and telling you how it's going to be. But the second time around no one tells you how hard it is tending to a new born baby and a toddler. You truly know what it's like to survive on two hours of sleep and having to get up and care for two kids.

Before kids I had these ideas of being that perfect mom, you know the ones that don't give your kids candy, home made organic meals and snacks, did lots of fun activities that helped developed their skills, etc. And I am here to tell you that's okay that some of those ideals you had about yourself as a mama didn't go exactly as planned. Because let's be honest your kids aren't going to remember those perfect granola bars you made or that you used the special all natural detergent for their clothes, they're going to remember the mama that played with them, read them stories and made them feel loved and special.

It's okay that you put on a show for the kiddos to watch so you could have a 20 minute cat nap on the couch from a long days work. Trust me being a working mama is so tough. Your constantly doing something and dang it you deserve those 20 minutes of shut eye. But besides all the hardships that come along with being a mama, there is soooo much amazingness as well. You get those special cuddles and those "I love yous" now those will forever be the highlights of your days. I mean there really is nothing like having a hard day at work and coming home to see your babies and having the tell you how much they love and missed you. It literally erases all the yuckiness of the day.

Now take it from a me, you don't want to be spending your time making those perfect lunch sandwiches or making the house perfectly clean, you'll realize your missing out on those special moments, like cuddling on the carpet while reading that special book your kids wanted to hear or just talk about how their day went. Be in the moment,, embrace those hard moments, in the midst of the chaos, try to stop and slow down and you'll realize those crazy moments are so short as oppose to those fun moments of watching your kids draw that special picture they have been working on. So why not get comfortable in all the chaos and go with the flow. If my kiddos have taught me one thing is to be flexible, not everything is going to go the way you think, and that's okay.

As always thank you for reading along. I'd love to hear about what makes your days successful in parenthood.

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