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Mini models????

We are so honoured to be apart of the littleandlively family. We had to awesome opportunity to model some amazing clothing pieces for this amazing mama's small shop. All of the clothing items are so soft and cozy. Especially these sweaters, so soft, comfy and trendy all in one. It's definitely going to be apart of my "momiform".

Gosh how dang cute is she, okay biased mama, but I literally melted when I saw these pictures by a talented mama. So if your a local #vancouvermom looking for an amazing photographer as well check her out and here's the link to her instagram where you can see all of her amazing work. And I mean this dress is too cute for words right, the socks are made here in vancouver as well, so here's to supporting small shops right! and our matching shoes ahhh love it all.

Gah look at his face, I literally bursted so hard the whole photo shoot when it was his turn to pose, because this was his face for most of it haha LOL. And I definitely loved this sweet little sweater on him. But seriously though, when he had put on this outfit, he looked at himself in the mirror and said "I look good" and smiled at himself LOL.

You guys I cannot get over this twinning look. I mean I love it so much, although this little guy would probably kill me once he's older if I ever made him do this twinning look LOL.

I literally melted when these two were sitting together. I mean those smiles I could just squeeze them both. But really though if your looking for amazing pieces for your kiddos wardrobe check out www.littleand

Thank you for reading along. Please share in the comments of your favourite small shops that you love.

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