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REVIEW: Non toxic Dental care

A lot of items these days have so many harmful chemicals in it. Especially something that you use everyday like toothpaste, it's so important to find items that are either natural or chemical free ingredients. As a mama I always look at the ingredients on products before we buy it. When it comes to dental care items for children there isn't a whole big selection to choose from. So when this amazing mama messaged me to try out this dental care line, I thought why not wouldn't hurt of try something new especially if its chemical free.

CuraSil created the next generation of Nano Silver Antibacterial Mouth Rinse and Tooth Gel recommended by dentists to their patients. The whole dental care line has the Nano Silver formula that is tested and proven to work. This means an everyday clean with accelerated healing, lowered rate of infection and doing it without any chemicals or other harmful ingredients.

Now the moment of truth came when my kiddos used this toothpaste for the first time. Now my little girl is super finicky and picky when it comes to toothpaste flavours. She will literally gag or throw up if the toothpaste smells/tastes horrible. So when I got my little girl to try it I was kinda weary. But to my surprise she loved the smell and was super excited to start brushing her teeth. And happy to report we are still going strong with this toothpaste about 2 months now. But my little guy is another story. He just gags the whole time doesn't matter any flavour he just hates brushing his teeth. Some mommas of picky toddlers how did you get them to love brushing their teeth. And whereas for me I have super sensitive teeth, I mean hot to cold foods totally give me thins cringy feeling all over. So when I started using this, my teeth sensitivity actually lessened, so definitely something you'd want to try if you have sensitive teeth.

CuraSil Tooth Gel - this tooth Gel does not look or feel like a traditional toothpaste. With no harmful ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Fluoride leaving you with an antimicrobial teeth cleaning gel that you can ingest and is safe for your whole family. All the ingredients are derived from natural sources. While it may not foam or have a super strong chemical mint flavour it will kill bacteria, give you fresh breath and leave you with a clean feeling that your old toothpaste could never achieve.

CuraSil Oral Care Rinse - the oral Care Rinse is the new standard in dental care. Used by dentists and recommended for everyday long term use, our patented nano-silver mouth rinse will not only replace your current mouth wash it will change the way you see silver.

Side note: if you live in local British Columbia check out their WHERE TO BUY SECTION and you'll see many different retailers that will provide this amazing dental line. Unfortunately this amazing dental health line is only available in Canada at the moment.

I'd love to know what are some of your favourite dental care lines that you use for the whole family? COMMENT below. Thank you for reading along.

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