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Fall fun Ideas

1. Visit a farmers market

It's so fun to visit your local farmers now because you'll find all the local seasonal veggies and fruits available now, but you'll be able to find yummy fall day treats and grab a hot chocolate while your there to sip while you shop.

2. Nature walks

Why not take the kiddos out for a walk in the trails. Its a great opportunity since lots of leaves and things are falling off the trees you can do a fun guess what leaf that is???? You can totally turn the walk into an education experience for not only the kids but you as well. Maybe even borrow a library book before hand that'll have lots of information about the plant life that is local to your area.

3. Go Apple picking

Such a fun experience for the whole family, trying to fill your baskets with those yummy honeycrisp or gala apples to use for those amazing recipes you have been wanting to try. If your local to BC, go check out TAVES family farm and WILLOW VIEW farms, both in Abbotsford. While your out at these fun apple farms check out the other local veggies because chances are most of these farms also grow other fruits or vegetables

4. Scavenger/Treasure hunt

Depending on your kiddos interest which may be all about being detectives or pirates you can call it a treasure hunt. None the less it's basically a fun time for your kiddos to work together to find the items needed for your list. And it doesn't have to be in some foresty area, it could be a walk around the neighbourhood.

5. Pumpkin Patch

Yes I said it Pumpkin Patch, although we have yet to venture to a patch just yet due to our yucky weather. You can have so much fun and spend the whole day at the Patch. You can go for a wagon ride, get lost in the corn maze or join in the halloween fun/activities that are available. If your local to BC check out HAZELMERE PUMPKIN patch, PORT KELLS nurseries or ART KNAPP nurseries, they have super fun activities to take part in. And also check out BEAR CREEK park they have a spooky train and pumpkins to purchase as well.

6. Jumping in the Puddles

I mean every little kid loves jumping in puddles. So why not put them in their muddy buddy suit and let them enjoy the wet weather and join in with them.

7. Sailing a boat in puddles

We did this the other day and it was a big hit. Basically build an easy peasy foil boat and let your kiddos put their boats into the large puddles that have formed outside after the rain had stopped.

Thanks so much for coming by and reading our fun ideas for the fall weather. What are some of your family's favourite fall events to do???? Comment below.

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