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Halloween Treats.....

I cannot believe how October has flown by and it's almost halloween. Below I'll share some yummy snacks that will be sure a hit with your kiddos. Not only are these treats healthy, but oh so yummy.


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Yield: 20 eyeball doughnuts Prep time 40 mins


- 1 tbsp chocolate frosting

- 20 red gummy life savers

- 20 mini powdered donuts

- 20 miniature milk chocolate pieces


1. Spread a little frosting on the side of the gummy with the words, then press the frosting side down on the doughnut. Lightly press down until fine cracks appear in the doughnut to resemble a bloodshot eye. (Be gentle so the doughnut doesn't break.) Dab a tiny bit of frosting on the letter side of the chocolate pieces then press, frosting side down, in the center hole of the gummy. Repeat with the remaining ingredients.


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Yield: 12 balls Prep time 20 mins


- 3 tbsp butter

- 4 cups of marshmallows

- 6 cups of cereal

- a pack of candy eyes

- Canned frosting


1. In a large saucepan, melt the butter over low heat. Add the marshmallows; stir until melted. Remove from heat.

2. Add the cereal and stir until well coated.

3. Use a buttered #12 scoop (1/3 cup) to portion out balls, then round them with oiled hands. Place on parchment or wax paper to set.

4. Glue on candy eyes with frosting.


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Yield: 20 mummy strawberries Prep Time 40 mins Total Time 1 hr


- 6 ounces of white chocolate

- 20 large strawberries

- 40 miniature semisweet chocolate chips


1. In a medium bowl, melt the white baking pieces according to package directions. Let cool until the consistency of pancake batter. Transfer to a piping bag or resealable plastic freezer bag.

2. Line a rimmed baking sheet with wax paper. Set the strawberries in a single layer on the paper, spacing at least 2 inches apart. Snip a small corner from the bag. Pipe mummy strips on each strawberry, leaving a tiny gap between the strips.

3. Press chocolate chips, tip sides down, into each strawberry to form eyes. Refrigerate until set.


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Yield: 8 pretzel rods Prep Time 30 mins Total Time 45 mins


- 1 cup of white chocolate chips

- 8 pretzel rods

- 16 semi sweet mini chocolate chips


1. Place the white chocolate in a medium-sized microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high for 30 to 45 seconds, stopping and stirring every 10 seconds, or until melted and smooth. Place a third of the melted chocolate into a zip-top bag.

2. Line a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper. Dip the top half of the pretzels in the melted chocolate in the bowl. Place on the baking sheet.

3. Drizzle the melted chocolate in the zip-top bag over the dipped pretzel tops, and press in the mini chocolate chips to make eyes. Chill about 30 minutes or until the chocolate is firm.


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Yield: Depends on how much you want to make, the prep time can vary as well as the amount of skewers you have


- Fruit (i.e. pineapple, kiwi, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, clementines)

- 4 inch bamboo skewers

- melon baller

- mini chocolate chips

- some carrot stripes


1. Halloween can be healthy too! Thread segments of fruit onto bamboo skewers; push on a melon ball last. Press in mini chocolate chip pupils and carrot strip antennae.

Thank you so much for reading along. I'd love to hear some of your favourite halloween treats you make. Comment below :)

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