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Halloween Night

1. Use a Safety App

This is if your kiddos are older and are able to go out trick or treating on their own. Putting a safety app on their phone while they're out will give you a piece of mind.

- Life 360 & Friend Locator

This amazing app has so many awesome functions such as where your child is located in real time. In addition to keeping track of the movements of registered family and friends, users can coordinate meeting times and locations as well as receive notifications when other users come and go—from home, from work or from school. The app also monitors driving behavior and lets users share photos and text messages via secure private chat.

Free for iOS and Android

2. Use Crosswalks

During this special fun time, the neighbourhoods will be so busy packed with eager trick or treaters. Although its tempting to just run across the roads, use the designated cross walk areas to ensure the drivers will see you crossing the road. And it won't hurt to remind your children to look both ways before crossing, staying in between the lines and sticking together as you crossed the road.

3. Costumes Safety

If your child is wearing a costume that is darker in colour and not as visible during the evening while they are out for trick or treating, putting on some light reflective gear, do face paint instead of a mask so your child can see, making sure the costumes aren't baggy or tuck in the leg bottom to prevent falls. And it wouldn't hurt to put your phone number inside your child's trick or treat bag in case you get separated.

4. Neighbourhood plan

Make a game plan with your group of which areas you'd like to go to first. It wouldn't hurt to go with a group of other mommas so there'd be more eyes to keep an eye on the kiddos. And depending on your children's age, it may be a good idea to keep your walk in around your neighbourhood as they may get tired.

5. Bring a flashlight

It could add some fun into the walk, maybe tell a fun spooky story as your walking around the nieghbourhood and it's also a safety precaution as well, as it may get darker having a flashlight will help you so what's infront of you so you won't trip and fall.

I hope some of these tips will help on your fun night trick or treating. I'd love to hear some of your ideas or tips that have helped you get through trick or treating.

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