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Ugh a COLD

With the cold weather already here, my kiddos had gotten a terrible cold and lasted for quite some time. And it doesn't help with this yoyo weather we are having as it's freezing early morning and hot by lunch time. Below I will be sharing some amazing homeopathic meds that I used to get my kiddos back to normal.

I mean these items above I coudn't live without, especially the nose friday is like the magic product to have for your kiddos with super runny noses. Of course this awesome ear themometer is a must and you can track your kids fever on your app and the app will chart it and tell you if your child is starting to get better or not.

Ever since having children, I really try to go the all natural route. And even if we go to the doctor when the kids are sick, if only they have an infection is when the doctor would prescribe anit-biotics. Other than that if my kids have a cold or flu, it's pretty much me using these amazing products above to help my babies feel better. And the multivitamins is more like an everyday thing even if they aren't sick to keep them healthy.

And these last 3 are my must haves. Especially if your child has that sort of chesty hard cough, the vapor rub and bath will be a god send for you. I also add the eucalyptus oil to the humidifier and a bit into the body lotion to help my kiddos get over their colds faster.

What are some of your must have items when your kiddos are sick I'd love to hear about them.

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