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Coffee and teeth whitening

Being a working mama.... I run on coffee, literally the first thing I do each morning is make my coffee with my espresso machine. I cannot function without it. I am consistently busy each day. Working most of the day as some of you may know I am a teacher so having some coffee will give me that zip to go go throughout the day. Once I leave work I come straight home to my babies and essentially work again #momlife right????!!!!

Once I am home, I am for the most part solo-parenting because besides the crazy childcare rates to put your child in daycare, me and my hubs have found a good schedule for the both of us so that our kiddos don't go to daycare. Hence me solo-parenting a lot. So on to what I'm talking about in this blog post. I drink a lot of coffee, at least 3 cups a day. And as you know coffee will definitely stain your teeth. Which is why the title of this post is so relevant to being a mom. We have this LOVE relationship with coffee, it gives us the energy to get through the day and gets things done, but we also have a HATE relationship with coffee as well those dang stains.

So in comes #smilebrilliant this is a amazing home teeth whitening system. They had reached out to see if I'd like to give this product a try to see if I like it or not. I think my favourite part of this whitening system is that I can literally do it anytime. Like you wouldn't know it, but I am actually wearing the teeth whitening trays while I am doing the laundry. This particular day I was so behind on laundry for the week, I had 5 loads to do. So I thought what better time than whiten my teeth while my kids are occupied and I am waiting for the loads of laundry to dry.

This system works even on sensitive teeth like mine. I use sensodyne to help with teeth sensitivity so I was super skeptical but pleasantly surprised. First off Smile Brilliant send you a box kit, you start off by making mold impressions of your teeth and send it back to Smile brilliant to make teeth trays shaped to your teeth to make the whitening experience to much more successful. Once your teeth trays are made and sent back to you, the system is ready to be used. The system is a two step process, first you start with the desensitizing gel that you leave on for 15 minutes. Once the 15 minutes is up, you go ahead and put the teeth whitenig gel onto the tray and key part is to make sure your teeth a relatively dry when you put the trays in. You leave the whitening trays in for at least 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on your sensitivity level. Also if your teeth are super sensitive, try putting the desensitizing gel on after your whitening process to help with the slight discomfort you may or may not feel afterwards.

The kit comes with 6 syringes each of the professional whitening gel and desensitizing gel. Each syringe lasts about 3 sessions for a total of 18 sessions. For the first few times, I left the trays on for about 1 hour. And literally throughout the whole waiting process I was folding laundry and playing with my kids to pass the time. Also a little tip, if you have a terrible gag reflex like me (sorry TMI) you may want to do what I did was do my teeth whitening in stages. I did the upper teeth first in the evening and do the lower jaw the next day to prevent myself from wanting to throw up. A good thing is that the whitening gel has no taste at all.

The kit comes with 6 syringes of desensitizing gels and 6 of the whitening gels. Each syringe lasts about 3 sessions for a total of 18 sessions. I mean that is a whole lot of sessions which you probably won't have to use all at once. How awesome would it be to have some extra teeth whitening gels to use at a later time. For the first few times, I left the trays on for about 1 hour because of my teeth sensitivity I didn't want to push it just in case the whitening gel might irritate my teeth.

The best about home whitening systems are you can do it whenever you have a minute. I mean you wouldn't know it but as I folding laundry I have the teeth whitening trays in. And once we were done folding laundry and playing I was done with my whitening process. And especially for someone like me that seriously hates the dentist, this home whitening has been a dream and literally after my second session, I noticed a dramatic difference. Although I can never stop drinking coffee because I so need the energy, I am so glad I found a home teeth whitening process I can do at home and a bonus your not spending hundreds at the dentist to whiten your teeth and instead spend fraction of that cost and do in the comfort of your own home.

Below you'll see the amazing before and after shots.

Check out this awesome video if you'd like to see the step by step process

I have such a wonderful experience with Smile Brilliant home whitening system, I have partnered up with them to a do an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!!!!!

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