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REVIEW: Planet Box lunch containers

My little love bug was so excited to get her special lunch kit in the mail. It was a fun experience from the very start as we were looking on the planet box site to choose from the many options of sizes of lunch kits, the bento box style lunch kits come in 3 different styles, we ended up going with the "ROVER" option. My little girl chose the special magnets that comes with the lunch kit for your child to stick on top of the container. There are so many things to love about planet box.

- non toxic stainless steel

- no phthalates, BPA, and other toxins

- weighs fl oz

- comes with a little dipper (small stainless steel jar with a lid)

- comes with a big dipper (larger size container to hold bigger items)

Besides choosing your own awesome motif of magnets you want for the lunch kit, your child also chooses their own style of lunch bag as well. Or you also have an option to design your own magnets as well. In our lunch box on this particular day, I had packed my little girl a turkey bagel sandwich, some large grapes, fish crackers, fig/oat squares and some mini quiches. The lunch bag also has an elasticized pocket to hold the juice box, a little velcro pocket for napkins as well as a pocket on the inside for an ice pack to keep your kiddos lunch nice and cold.

Here she is trying to sneak a fishy. A little trick in our household to make mornings easier is I always pack my little girls lunch the night before and the only thing I warm up a bit before packing up is slightly warming up the mini quiches and turkey sandwich.

And here is little love bug showing off the magnetic side of the lunch box. Everyday we take the magnets off so I can wash it and it's her special role to place the magnets back on once the lunch box is packed. The lunch box may seem small, but it's actually the perfect size. The big dipper can hold 0.9 cups of food, which I think is the perfect amount for my little girl. And with all the little compartments your able to mix up the snacks. The trick to getting my little girl to eat her lunch is to have a variety, everyday, its a bit of a different variety of foods, from grapes, to oranges, veggie chips, homemade banana bread etc. So this box is amazing for picky eaters, you get a chance to mix it up so the kids don't get bored of the same thing.

Another tip to get your kiddo to eat their lunch is to give them the responsibility to put the snacks they want into the lunch box. I give my little girl 3-4 options and she is able to place it into the rover box herself. So I would honestly suggest if you have a picky eater or your kiddo wants to gain some more responsibility, this lunch box is a great way to start.

I would love to know how you pack your lunches, or what's your fave snacks to put into your kiddos lunch kits. Thank you so much for reading along.


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