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Winter FUN Ideas

The winter season is always a fun time. We have so many fun events to participate in. But mostly its a lot of fun things we do together as a family around our neighbourhood. I am sharing 20 of our top fun things to do during the winter season. It's a whole lot nature outdoor activities, so having your kiddos dressed warm will make your outing so much more fun.

1. Go ice skating. 2. Build a winter bonfire and roast s’mores 3. Go snowshoeing

4. Winter hikes (get some warm cozy boots) and have the kiddos find a big stick to help with trekking through the snow

5. Build a snow fort in the back yard. Best part you don't have to leave the house

6. Build a giant snow man, add the face and clothes.

7. Go sledding

8. Go tobogganing

9. Have a family snowball fight

10. Buy a snow block maker and build an igloo 11. Make some hot chocolate and take a nature walk

12. Make snow prints with your boots

13. Make a winter obstacle course (i.e. make giant snow balls for the kids to jump over, crawl through an igloo) you get the idea

14. Make snow paint (fill squeezee bottles with coloured water and let the kids go crazy)

15. ofourse we cannot forget about the good old snow angels are always fun

What are some fun family winter outings does your family do? I'd love to hear all about it.

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