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12 Days of BLOGMAS (Day 4)

1. On top of a paper plate, line the scrabble tiles up so that they spell “let it snow”

2. Use a pen to trace around the shape of the tiles onto the paper plate (this does not have to be perfect). As you can see, you just need a rough outline of the shape of your letters.

3. Cut the shape out, cutting it smaller than the actual outline by cutting inside the lines by about ¼-inch. You want the shape to be large enough to glue the letters to, but small enough that they don’t overlap or show from the front of the ornament.

4. Apply glue all over the template then press the letters in place.

5. Place something heavy on top of the letters, like a bottle of craft paint, and let them dry for 2-3 hours.

6. Apply snow texture paint to the top edges of the letters to make it look like they have freshly fallen snow on them. You can use a palette knife, paintbrush or even your finger. Be sure to wash your hands when you’re done! Let the snow texture dry for at least an hour (or as bottle directs).

7. Once the snow texture paint has dried, cut a piece of ribbon and fold into a loop. Glue the ribbon hanger to the back of the ornament.

8. Cut a piece of felt the same shape as the ornament and glue it to the back, covering the hanger. Let everything dry before hanging on your tree.

1. Find And Paint Twigs

2. Pick three sticks, spray-paint and let dry for several hours. I used three equal-sized birch twigs, but you could use twigs of three different lengths so the final calendar is triangular, or Christmas tree-shaped. Silver or gold spray paint adds sparkle; if you want a more organic look, simply leave the sticks unpainted.

3. Choose Bags And Dye

4. At a craft or wrapping supply store, select 24 small bags to hold your treats. I found linen bags with twine drawstrings; they have a nice natural look and absorb dye well. Next, pick one or two colors of fabric dye. I used a soft, watercolor pink as well as a darker, near-fuchsia shade, but you could also pick just one color and dilute it with water for an ombré effect. Look for dyes with shimmer or glitter if you’d like a little extra festive glam.

5. Dye Bags And Add Numbers

6. Place the fabric dye in plastic cups, dilute with water as desired and dip each bag into the dye for graduated color. Let the dyed bags dry for a few hours, then write a number for each day of Advent on each bag with an indelible felt-tip calligraphy pen.

7. Assemble Calendar. Use pretty ribbon or twine to tie the three sticks together at their outer edges, then tie on bags. Add a length of ribbon at the top to hang the finished calendar. The finished calendar should be fairly lightweight, so you can hang it over a desk, console or even on a bulletin board for easy access as you count down the days to Christmas.

1. put on the letters free-hand with my chalk pen, but you could use a template or a stencil if you choose. Add some water to your vase. I just use mason jars and I place the fresh greens in the vase. Place the vase inside your bucket. Even if your bucket is water-tight, it will be better for the long term use and for your greens if the water and the greens are in a glass vase.

2. Next, tie on some ribbon, if you choose, and add your fairy lights. I chose to place mine on our stairs, but these would work on a console table, mantel or even on a front porch.

1. Download and print out the templates. Layer the template with the glitter paper, template face-up on the bottom, then the glitter paper above, matte-side on top. Tape the papers together. 2. Hold the papers up to the window and trace the outline of the letters onto the glitter paper with the paint marker. 3.Remove the template from the glitter paper. Use the exacto knife to cut out each letter shape, being careful to just cut through one layer of the glitter paper (and leaving the clear backing intact). Peel off any glitter paper that is not part of the words. 4. Turn the glitter paper over and center on the pillow case. Cover paper with a dishtowel and iron the paper onto the cloth (making sure steam heat is turned off on the iron). Let cool slightly, then gently peel off the clear backing. Stuff with pillow insert and enjoy your new holiday pillow!

What You'll Need: 8-inch letters (use our alphabet template), 16x20-inch basswood canvas, hammer, gold finishing nails, 3-Pack LED Copper Wire Light, duct tape

What To Do:

1. Print and cut out letters from our template; lightly tape onto canvas.

2. Hammer nails along the outline of each letter. Discard paper.

3. Wrap nails with 3 strands of the lights. Tape the battery packs to the back along the bottom edge without covering the power switches. Hang!

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